Rep. Tim Bearden Writes Letter to GCO

Rep. Tim Bearden, D. 68, wrote a letter today to you, the GCO member, thanking you for your support of HB 89 during the legislative session.   GCO believes its members owe a great deal of gratitude to Rep. Bearden in return.


11 Responses to “Rep. Tim Bearden Writes Letter to GCO”

  1. splante Says:

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  2. Gunstar1 Says:

    Fixed now.

  3. ICP Juggalo Says:

    Such a gentleman.

    I am very humbled and grateful to have a person of that stature represent my voice in the General Assembly.

    Thank You Mr. Bearden for being that person.

  4. Young Republican Says:

    I’d like to thank Mr. Bearden for the countless hours that I’m sure he worked on getting HB89 passed. If I lived in his district, he’d have my vote. I am happy that my representatives in the House and Senate supported him and I thanked them in person and will again do so with my vote and support when they are up for re-election. Also, thanks need to go out to the organizors of the GCO. You’ve done an incredible job and made it easy for real people to get involved.

  5. loneoak Says:

    Thank you Rep. Bearden for all your good work on HB89. I may have to move to Carrollton just so I can vote for you in the future.

    In the future maybe you can give us your recomendations on who to vote for in our districts to give you some help in this battle.

    Thanks Again!!


  6. Axeman Says:

    Rep. Tim Bearden,

    You Rock!!! Thanks for having the brass ones to take on the emotionally charged antis and soccer moms that want to rob everyone of our civil rights.

    You are a PATRIOT and a true example of what all lawmakers should be like!

    I can’t wait to keep up our part for your future fixes to our insane gun laws.

    Steve A. aka Axeman.

  7. RangerHAAF Says:

    Thanks for your effort Rep. Bearden. In Decatur we don’t have too much in the way of authorities abusing our 2nd Amendment rights but we have to remain vigilant because being ignorant about local park bans will encourage some local governments in the belief that we as citizens don’t care enough about the issue to act.

    I care enough about the issue to join GA Carry and as far as I can tell from attending the luncheon, I’m the only black member of our organization in attendance. I wish there was a way to make more of our minority citizens aware of how important the right to keep and bear arms is but as things are I’ll continue to do what I can to enlighten them and keep the faith.

    Take care and keep up the good work.

  8. StarJack Says:

    Rep. Bearden,

    Thank you for the letter and you are welcome. I must ask, from a legislative perspective, where we would be as firearm owning citizens without you? I believe we would be in precisely the same legal situation as we were in last year.

    For the authorship of the original bill, and the knowledgeable and patient guidance you provided during the legislative process, I think the majority share of the thanks for passage belongs to you. I suspect your level of effort in the passage of HB 89 exceeded my effort in your first week, if not your first day, of work on the bill.

    Georgia is lucky to have you as a citizen, your constituents are wise to have elected you as their representative, and GCO is fortunate to count you among its membership. Thank you, for your hard work in support of our Second Amendment rights!

  9. J.D. McCrary Says:

    GCO and Rep. Bearden,

    HB 89 is a complete failure of government and has established an unlawful and disastrous precedent. How long will it take for a disgruntled or laid off employee to walk to their vehicle or locker and take their frustrations out on their supervisor, co-workers and customers with their “legal” handgun? Or how long will it take for a drunken argument to break out in a restaurant leading to an escalated gunfight with dozens of innocent Georgians paying the price for this legislation?

    The signing of HB 89 into law is by far the most disappointing and disgusting actions Governor Perdue have taken during his time in office. All we can do now is sit back and wait for the first of many deplorable incidents involving the “legal” use of guns in public spaces.

    With such lackadaisical gun regulations it is no wonder that in 2004, the most recent year gun statistics are available, an average of 81 Americans per DAY died from gunfire and another 176 were injured. In other words almost 30,000 people per year die needlessly from guns in America. And in a report by the New England Journal of Medicine in 1992 the direct and indirect costs of gun violence including medical, lost wages, and security costs estimates that gun violence costs the nation $100 billion a year.

    Representative Bearden, Governor Perdue and every misguided Georgian who supports this draconian law should be held legally responsible for the increase in shootings inevitable resulting from this law.

    J.D. McCrary

  10. Securus Transportos Says:

    This state and country owes Tim a tremendous thanks for fighting for and winning them the ability to protect themselves, family and others when necessary during the course of their daily travels and activities. I am honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this endeavor with him.

    This is the kind of man that I would like to see continue in public service. Think we could get him to run for Governor?

  11. luangtom Says:

    Thank YOU, Rep. Bearden. It is an honor to have a legislator such as yourself as a
    member of GCO. Your work on our behalf is greatly appreciated and we thank you
    for it. Any aspirations of moving to the Governor’s mansion? We are here to support