Airport Replies to Support Its Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

Atlanta has filed a reply brief in support of its motion for judgment on the pleadings in GCO’s case seeking a declaration that no law forbids GFL holders from carrying firearms in the Atlanta airport.  This motion is fully briefed and now goes to U.S. District Court Judge Marvin Shoob for a decision.  The reply brief may be viewed here.


2 Responses to “Airport Replies to Support Its Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings”

  1. rustygray Says:


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  2. bobdixon11 Says:

    Port of Portland Decides To Obey The Law….Finally.
    Sept 10, 2008

    After a battle stretching back to 2004, the Port of Portland has finally rescinded its illegal ordinance against CHL holders at the Portland Airport.

    As you may know, since 1996, the Port had a regulation forbidding persons with concealed handgun licenses from being in the Portland Airport. There was one small problem. The ordinance was unlawful.

    Needless to say, the Port and their lawyers did everything they could to justify this violation of the law. Their bizarre interpretations of the law would have made a contortionist jealous. But they were wrong.

    In 2005 and again in 2007, OFF members, through their unending activism, blocked a bill that would have expanded the police powers of the Port of Portland Police.

    After the second legislative session where their plans were halted because of their refusal to obey the law, they finally got the message, and while it took far longer than it should have, the Port rescinded their bogus rule. The new rule took effect last month. CHL holders are no longer subject to specious and arbitrary arrest for doing something that is perfectly legal.

    Make no mistake, the reason this happened is because of you.

    In 2007, the sponsor of the bill to expand the Port’s Police powers(House Rep Jeff Barker) actually withdrew his support for the bill after hearing from you about the Port’s blatant violation of the law. Even when the chair of the House Judiciary Committee,(militant anti-rights, Greg MacPherson) tried to revive it, Barker stood firm.

    This is a testament to the power of grass-roots activism, and you should be proud.

    In the next legislative session, it is almost a sure thing that we will have an anti-gun majority. Barring a miracle, we will also have an anti-gun president, but that does not mean we cannot win.

    Thank you for your relentless activism, it really makes a difference.

    We would also like to thank and welcome all the new supporters who have joined OFF recently, no doubt encouraged by the success we can only credit to you.

    Stay tuned, there are more battles ahead. We still await a final decision in our case defending government employees’ rights to protect themselves and others (the Medford teacher issue.) but it’s clear that we can win as long as you are willing to keep stepping up.