GCO Member Files Briefs in Illegal Arrest Case

GCO member Luke Woodard has filed two briefs in his federal case against two Paulding County deputies for arresting him for concealed carry when he was openly carrying.  First, Woodard filed a reply in support of his motion for summary judgment.  Second, he filed a response to the deputies’ motion for summary judgment.  The documents, which include a thorough history of the laws against concealed carry in Georgia and court decisions interpreting them, which many may find to be a useful reference, may be viewed here.


One Response to “GCO Member Files Briefs in Illegal Arrest Case”

  1. Alex Says:

    “What is clear from this case is that several citizens called 911 when Plaintiff
    entered Scott’s store while wearing a pistol, which he was perfectly entitled to do.”

    In reality, it underscores the gross overreaction of Brown and his department. “Man with a
    gun” is no different from “man with a wallet.”

    “There Was No Arguable Probable Cause for Carrying a Concealed

    Regardless of Woodwards lack of sensitivity to others unfounded fears of someone carrying a firearm, he should not have been arrested for ANYTHING.