GCO Member Replies in Convenience Store Case

In his federal lawsuit against Paulding County deputies for arresting him for carrying a concealed weapon, when the weapon was openly carried, GCO member Luke Woodard has filed a reply brief in support of his motion for reconsideration.  The motion asks the court to reconsider its ruling that Woodard cannot seek damages for the concealed weapons charge because the deputies had “arguable probable cause” to arrest Woodard for disorderly conduct.  The documents may be viewed here.


2 Responses to “GCO Member Replies in Convenience Store Case”

  1. Citizenfor2nd Says:

    Seems in this day and time too many of the L.E.O.’s are not up to date on the laws and rights of citizens. Maybe they could care less.
    Officers just take for granted that everyone is a criminal, except themselves, and their badge keeps them safe from having to answer for their wrongful actions against citizens. Arresting citizens is safer than going after violent criminals.
    “Can’t make an arrest until a crime has been committed” is their statement. Where’s the crime in this case? Disorderly conduct is a lame excuse for the LEO’s to get out of this mess. If the man had done anything wrong, this thing would have never happened … yet the officers have done the injustice.
    Legally armed means just that, whether you are an officer of the law OR legally armed citizen.

  2. Devildog0300 Says:

    Haven’t the Paulding deputies committed a crime here. Shouldn’t they be arrested?
    I don’t know the particulars of the case, though disorderly conduct seems to be a catch-all . . . unless he gave them a reason to do it.