MARTA Insists It is Not a “Government Agency”

In GCO’s federal lawsuit against MARTA for, among other things, detaining people seen carrying firearms, MARTA continues to assert that it is not a “state or local government agency” subject to the federal Privacy Act.  As such, MARTA says, it is not required to provide the warning that every other state or local government agency in GA is required to provide before asking a citizen for his or her social security number.  A copy of MARTA’s brief on this subject may be found here.


4 Responses to “MARTA Insists It is Not a “Government Agency””

  1. ber950 Says:

    Let me get this straight. MARTA claims its Police Dept. is not a Government Agency. What kind of logic is that? I don’t see this going well for them.

  2. mark5019 Says:

    may be a time soon to have a mass member meeting on marta stations:)

  3. rmodel65 Says:

    so if Marta isnt a government agency, then that means they kidnapped the plaintiff does it not??

  4. pro2am Says:

    So the vehicle I passed on the highway, emblazoned with MARTA on the doors had stolen “Gov” license plates? Shameful.