SB308 Scheduled for House Floor vote today!

SB308 is scheduled for a vote on the House floor today.

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2 Responses to “SB308 Scheduled for House Floor vote today!”

  1. Annie Ethel Says:

    I’ve spoken to many of you at the capitol. I’ve had many conversations regarding your interests and the likelihood that at some point, a bill would be presented which would be opposed by someone who is supposed to represent you, but is more interested in getting in front of the appellate courts, using Georgia to be an “example” for others, and not really concerned about enduring policy for the citizens in Georgia.
    The time has come.
    The substitute pending now addresses your greatest concerns. It clarifies the law and regulations. It doesn’t give wave a magic wand, providing EVERYTHING each of you might want, but that’s how you work through issues in a democracy. You find a way to work together.
    Please, contact your senator and representative. Let them know that you are in favor of Georgia managing her own business, and we don’t appreciate a national organization using us for its own selfish purposes. We don’t appreciate an organization using up Georgia’s courts and judges, because Georgia’s courts belong to Georgia’s citizens. Please support the bill. Please declare the independence of from a specialist lawyer.

  2. john Says: