GeorgiaCarry Gives Cover to GA General Assembly Members

Last night, GeorgiaCarry.Org placed a letter on the desk of each Senator and Representative requesting they support SB 308 as written by the bill’s author, Senator Mitch Seabaugh.  We merely stated that, “GeorgiaCarry.Org will be tracking votes on SB 308″.  Senator Steve Thompson referred to our letter as a “threat” from the well of the Senate Floor during his time to oppose SB 308.  He told other members of the Senate that they had “cover” to vote against the bill, because, “The NRA opposes this bill”.

The letter can be seen here.

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4 Responses to “GeorgiaCarry Gives Cover to GA General Assembly Members”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    thats a real threat of a letter

  2. b8fish Says:

    I thought I heard Sen Thompson say that the NRA “had no position” on the Bill, not that they actually opposed it. Still, nice to get another mention for the “endorsements” page. Goes with Maureen Downey’s endorsement of our “dangerous agenda”

  3. honeydos Says:

    I don’t know what he thinks happens but every political organization lobbying firm and company or individual with an agenda keeps track of the way every member votes on everything. so how could it possibly be a threat to tell that we are. he was simply lookingforanything he could findtotry to discredit our stand so that we could continue having our rights trampled.

  4. b8fish Says:

    Sorry; just relistened to the debate

    skip to time mark 03:58:00 “…National Rifle Association is not for the Bill”