GCO Asks Dekalb PD to Obey the Law

GCO attorney John Monroe wrote the deputy chief in charge of permit processing for Dekalb Police, asking them to abide by the requirements of OCGA 16-11-129((d)(4). That code section requires a law enforcement agency to return a report to the probate judge within 30 days after it is requested by the probate judge (generally triggered with the fingerprint request). Dekalb PD commonly takes 30 days just to schedule a fingerprint appointment, and then does not return a report for weeks after that. A copy of the letter may be viewed here.


4 Responses to “GCO Asks Dekalb PD to Obey the Law”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    i hope this helps the law abiding gun owners in dekalb and elsewhere.

  2. CHarris360 Says:

    I applied for my permit with DeKalb County Probate Court the day after Governor Purude signed SB308 (June 7). The clerk tried to turn me away due to the revoked disqualifier that they’d used to deny my permit in 2002. They knew nothing about the new law. I had to insist to even be allowed to apply.

    They said I had to get fingerprints made, even though they should already have had my fingerprints from when I last had a permit in 2002.

    So I called and the DeKalb police department scheduled my fingerprint appointment for July 2, almost a whole month later.

    And the probate clerk gave me a paper saying that it would likely be six months in all before I would be able to get my permit.

    When I applied for my original permit in 1992, they took my fingerprints the very same day that I applied! It took about 45 days to get my permit, as I recall.

  3. tmoore912 Says:

    I wonder if Mr. Monroe ever heard back from the Dekalb Deputy Cheif Diane Loos by June 28th?

  4. Jeffc64 Says:

    I recently applied for and received my permit in a reasonable amount of time.

    Applied for it on 9/24/12
    Received it on 11/2/12
    The whole process took about 2 hours since I had to go to 2 different places.
    It took me about 15 minutes without an appointment to get finger printed.
    Police officers were OK
    Dekalb County workers were helpful as well