GCO Sues Over Church Carry Ban

GCO has filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Upson County, seeking to have the recently-enacted ban on carrying firearms in “places of worship” ruled unconstitutional. The complaint alleges that the ban violates the First and Second Amendment rights of plaintiffs, which include besides GCO, the Baptist Tabernacle of Thomaston, Georgia, GCO President Ed Stone, and Tabernacle Pastor Jonathan Wilkins. The complaint may be viewed here.

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7 Responses to “GCO Sues Over Church Carry Ban”

  1. rmodel65 Says:


  2. 700PSS Says:

    Absolutely love it, guys! I am so proud to be even a small part of this organization that does not just roll over but fights for our rights. May we have much continued success!

  3. flyway Says:

    Thanks Ed and others for fighting this fight.

  4. Wiley Says:

    Would not the ‘places of worship’ phrase also be unconstitionally vague as I asked earlier?

  5. tmoore912 Says:

    Good luck GCO. It would be very nice to not have to disarm while attending Church or a church function. Making law abiding Ga. citizens disarm and leave their weapons in their vehicles has been a very bad idea. Antis are always talking about illegal guns on the street not thinking about the fact that the laws that make us disarm contribute to guns being stolen from our vehicles.

  6. ctdonath Says:

    “Would not the ‘places of worship’ phrase also be unconstitionally vague as I asked earlier?”

    My church meets in a hotel conference room, FWIW. Kinda strains the limits of the term and its legitimacy in a prohibition when anyone can be armed in that room except for 9:00am-1:00pm Sunday, and their legality changes just standing in that room while the clock transitions in/out of that period. To boot, there is no practical/discernible change between such occupancy/use vs any other common use of that room. Sounds like a definitive example of “unconstitutionally vague” to me.

  7. ronsview Says:

    I’m glad to see this go forward,it will be quicker then trying to do it thru the gov.
    Lets get ter done