Oral Argument In Church Carry Case

The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has announced that it will hear oral arguments in GCO’s church carry case. The case challenges the state law banning carrying firearms in places of worship. The case was dismissed by federal judge C. Ashley Royal, who determined that there is not a second amendment right to carry firearms in church and that the free exercise clause of the first amendment is not implicated by the ban. The state had objected to oral argument, but the court has ordered it over the state’s objection. Argument will take place in Atlanta the first week of October, with a firm date to be announced in early August.


5 Responses to “Oral Argument In Church Carry Case”

  1. ctdonath Says:

    Who initiated the call for oral arguments? The court? GCO?

  2. jrm Says:

    GCO asked for oral arguments. The state said oral argument is unnecessary. The court makes the call.

  3. CastingFool Says:

    So where does this leave us in regards to carrying in a place of worship? After the number of church shootings in past years, I’d feel a lot safer carrying in church.

  4. Gunstar1 Says:


    It is still against the law. This is the appeal of the District Court ruling that said the law banning carry in places of worship was constitutional.

  5. CastingFool Says:

    I assumed as much, though I was hoping that someone would say that it’s being reconsidered.