HB 981 – Firearms and weapons; carrying, possession and disposition; change provisions

A new House bill HB981 available here, was put into the “hopper” Tuesday, February 15, 2012.  Sponsored and introduced by Stephen Allison, R-8.  The cosponsors so far are –  (1) Allison, Stephen 8th, (2) Golick, Rich 34th, (3) Jerguson, Sean 22nd, (4) Harden, Michael 28th, (5) Dutton, Delvis 166th, (6) Ramsey, Matt 72nd and others not yet available.  The bill will be read in the House and assigned to a committee in the next couple of days.

This bill authorizes concealed weapons to be carried in:

  • Government buildings except Courthouses
  • Schools
  • Polling places
  • Bars
  • Churches and other venues
  • Sets the penalty for violating this code – with license, a misdemeanor.  Without license, a felony.
  • Eliminates fingerprinting for Georgia Weapons Carry License renewals and incorporates a NICS background check with both initial license and renewals.
  • Rework the Emergency Powers Act to prevent members of the police, government agencies or National Guard from disarming citizens during states of emergency and gives residents a right to sue if that occurs. States the court shall award the prevailing party, other than the state or political subdivision thereof, reasonable attorney fees.
  • Places knives under state preemption law, Code Section 16-11-173
  • Require weapons seized by law enforcement to be sold at auction to dealers, collectors and firearms manufacturers.
  • Legalize hunting with suppressors.
  • Maintain Private Property Owner’s rights to prohibit carry on their property

GeorgiaCarry.Org strongly supports this bill.   The bill will be tracked on the “Current Legislation -Current Bills” page where the latest information can be found.

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2 Responses to “HB 981 – Firearms and weapons; carrying, possession and disposition; change provisions”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    i hope this passes

  2. Bill Thrasher Says:

    I was astounded by the statement made by Bartow County’s incumbent Sheriff, Clark Millsap in response to a question asked by WYXC’s Tommy Young about whether or not he would support the “Kennesaw” law in Bartow County. His answer was that “Yes, he would support it as long as those folks had a State-issued permit”. It is my understanding that there is no law prohibiting the ownership of a firearm in the home unless you are enumerated as a convicted felon or under some type of mental disability. Sheriff Millsap has made it clear that he only wants gun ownership for those who have properly registered with the State. This man is running for reelection.