GCO Protests Weapons Bans

In the wake of HB 60, GCO has learned that various state and local governmental entities are illegally regulating the carrying of weapons in locations around the state. As they are discovered, GCO has been contacting the agencies involved and asked them to stop their practices or face litigation. Agencies and their practices contacted so far:

State MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) — searches all who enter and bans all knives and guns
State Teacher Retirement System — bans guns throughout property, including parking lots
City of Commerce — contemplating banning guns in recreation facilities
City of Roswell — bans all weapons in police department

GCO reminds state agencies and local governments that they may not regulate weapons at all, and even for those facilities that actually qualify as government buildings, state law still does not prohibit knives with blades shorter than 5 inches, handguns with barrels longer than 12 inches, long guns with barrels shorter than 18 inches, and any firearms of caliber less than .46 centimeters. Government entities that violate the state preemption law will not be tolerated.

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2 Responses to “GCO Protests Weapons Bans”

  1. Juifff Says:

    Both Macon and Warner Robins have laws on the books regulating the lengths of blades which may be carried. I couldn’t find the specific warner robins law, it may have changed…. many of the ordinances say “reserved” on municode and I don’t know what this means. However, macon specifically says:

    It shall be unlawful for any person to have, possess or carry upon any of the streets, alleys, or sidewalks of the city, or in any hotel lobby, theater, railroad depot, bus station or terminal, poolroom, billiard parlor or room, dance hall, beer parlor, nightclub, tap room, baseball park, fair grounds, bus, taxicab, or in any other public place in the city, or in any place or business establishment in the city which is patronized or frequented by the public, any of the following implements unless such implements are securely wrapped and packaged so as not to be readily available for any harmful use:
    Any knife which has a blade which opens automatically by hand pressure being applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle, the blade of which, when open, projects from the handle more than two (2) inches is so prohibited.
    Any knife which has an obstruction or other device of any kind which holds the blade partly open, the blade of which, when open, projects from the handle more than two (2) inches is so prohibited.
    Any knife of any kind, the blade of which, when open, projects from the handle more than three (3) inches is so prohibited. This provision includes all knives such as butcher knives and other knives which do not close. However, this provision shall not apply to butcher knives and other knives which do not close when the same are in use or are held or possessed for use in the performance of the lawful business or practice of business and professional establishments and offices duly licensed by the city or otherwise lawfully authorized to transact business or practice professions in the city.
    Any razor is so prohibited, but this provision shall not apply to barbers, beauticians, and similar artisans when actually engaged in the practice of their respective vocations or trades, or when held or possessed for such purposes.
    Any ice pick or similar device having a sharp point is so prohibited but this provision shall not apply to any person actually engaged in delivering ice or in the actual performance of his lawful trade or other vocation.

  2. Juifff Says:

    This law is sometimes enforced, and most people don’t know it exists.