Let’s Help Barry carry in Washington, DC!!

Dear GCO Member,

This has been yet another day of senseless shootings and more calls for useless gun control. The Left wants more useless gun control laws passed and the right wants more freedom to protect themselves wherever they may be from kooks like today’s killer.

For those of you who have not heard, one of Georgia’s US Representatives, Barry Loudermilk, today stated in the Washington Post that he needs reciprocity when he is in Washington, D.C. and that Congress should explore allowing lawmakers to carry weapons to defend themselves (Article here.) He also says from the washingtonpost,com:

“Most of us are here in D.C., so how do you have the gun here and just transport it to Virginia?” Loudermilk said when Virginia’s laws were pointed out. “I think we need to look at some kind of reciprocity for members here.”

Loudermilk said perhaps a larger group of lawmakers ought to receive security protection, rather than just the top leaders who have a round-the-clock Capitol Police detail.

“We’re not any more special than anybody else, but we are targets,” he said. “This is exactly why there is a lot of fear of even doing town halls at this point. Some of the things this guy is posting on Facebook — we get the same things, and even worse.”

He even says that he’s “not any more special than anybody else, but..…

We agree that he is certainly not any more special than anybody else. However, if he truly doesn’t think that he is any more special than anyone else, why call for new legislation to be penned to protect only he and his legislator friends? There is a much easier and quicker method for him to be able to carry in DC, and a method that would include everyone who has a license to carry, not just special members of our society! The answer is H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017! A bill that would allow anyone with a valid carry license to carry in all 50 states and a bill that President Trump has stated he will sign when it is passed!

This bill is cosponsored by Representative Barry Loudermilk, who signed on as a cosponsor on March 3, 2017. There are also 195 other cosponsors!

Has he forgotten that he is a cosponsor? Is he now only interested in his protection? Does he feel that Congress will pass a bill that will benefit themselves easier and quicker by excluding we the little people?

Don’t know the answer to those questions, but Representative Loudermilk needs to be reminded that he can benefit not only himself but all law abiding citizens through legislation that has already been introduced and that he has signed on as a cosponsor!

Please take the time to remind Representative Loudermilk about H.R.38 and remind him that he cosponsored the bill.  Also ask him to act in our behalf if he sincerely wants to see reciprocity in Washington, DC!

In order to contact Representative Loudermilk, you may email via his website if you input a zip code of 30120 or 30188 and click on the box next to “I am not a robot”.

And, you can call him at his offices listed below:

Cartersville Office:
135 West Cherokee Avenue, Suite 122
Cartersville, GA 30120
Phone: 770-429-1776
FAX: 770-517-7427

Main District Office:
9898 GA-92
Woodstock, GA 30188

DC office:
329 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-2931
FAX: 202-225-2944

We need to fill up his voice mail and email boxes and let him know that we are watching and that he needs to start pushing H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017! A bill that would allow anyone with a valid carry license to carry in all 50 states! A bill that he has already signed as a cosponsor, and a bill that President Trump has stated he will sign when it is passed!

We also need to contact all our representatives in Washington, DC and let them know where we stand on H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017! You can find your Representative’s information by going here and filing out the requested information. Your elected official’s name will appear in the box.

As always, please remember to be polite and respectful but let him know that the people back home are watching and believe we deserve the same protection that he wants for himself and other legislators!

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