There are several methods to pay for a membership with GeorgiaCarry.Org as well as 2 types of membership. We have an annual membership and we have a lifetime membership.

Annual Membership

The annual membership fee is $20.

You can apply online by filling out the application and using your credit card. The total cost for 1 year membership is $20. You will be able to select your payment method after you have filled out the online membership application form. Make sure you use the same email address in the application as the one you use when checking out of the store. If you would like to include an extra donation with your membership please add the item “GCO Donation” and donation amount to your shopping cart.

You also have the option of paying by electronic check. The cost of membership using the E-check feature is $20. You will be able to select your payment method after you have filled out the online membership form. An echeck takes longer to process than a credit card so your welcome message will take longer to arrive if you select this method of payment.

Online New Membership Application
Online Membership Renewal Application

You can also print out your application to complete and return to us enclosed with a check or money order made out to GeorgiaCarry.Org for your annual membership, renewal or donation. The total cost for 1 year membership if you mail it in is $20. If you would like to include an extra donation with your membership please add that to the $20 membership fee.

Mail in Membership Application

Lifetime Membership

Mail in your completed application with a payment of $500 to become a lifetime member of GCO. If you join now, as an added gift you will receive a Southern Grind Bad Monkey, detail laser engraved in the metal of the blade with GCO’s beautiful logo and “Life Member – GeorgiaCarry” in large letters.

Mail in Lifetime Membership Application

Lifetime Membership Payment Plan

For those that cannot pay for the Lifetime membership as one full price, we have broken down the payments so that you can pay for it over the course of 1 year. To start the payment plan, mail in your completed application with a payment of $200. Then $100 will be due every 4 months, with a total payoff in 1 year. When the plan is paid off completely, the Lifetime Member package, including the knife and card will be sent to you.

Mail in Lifetime Membership Payment Plan Application

Payment Plan Q&A

What if it is not paid off in one year?
If it is not possible for the member to complete their $500 agreement within one year, the amount paid will be converted into the equivalent of annual payments, i.e., Paid $300 at the end of the 1 year period… $300 / $20 = 15 years. The remainder, if there is any, will be a donation to GCO.

Will payments of less than $100 be accepted?
There is no minimum amount required at any time after starting the plan. However, the member should try to pay $100 every 4 months. In doing so, you can send in 1 payment of $100, 4 payments of $25 or a combination (1 payment of $50 and 2 payments of $25).

Are there penalties for missing a payment?
There is no penalty for missing a 4 month deadline. The purpose of the 4 month deadline is to notify the member that a payment is due and to help them from getting too far behind. The one year deadline is the make-or-break deadline.

Are there any notifications?
One month prior to each payment due, members in the program will be sent a reminder email (or regular mail, if no email address is provided).

Can I get a refund?
There are NO REFUNDS for any reason.

How are payments made?
Currently only mail-in payments are available unless a payment is made at a gun show or other recruiting venues. Some of our gun show coordinators are now equipped to take credit cards at recruiting venues.

When does the plan start and end?
Plan is date specific, so if you start up on October 15, 2011 then you have until October 15, 2012 to pay it off.

Can I sign up to the plan before becoming a member??
People who sign up for the plan will become a new member and be sent an annual membership card (and all other benefits of an annual member). Once they pay off the plan they will receive the lifetime member packet and card.

What if an existing member signs up for this program?
Existing members can sign up for the plan at any time. The $200 initial payment covers renewal payment if it is due. It is not necessary to renew AND pay for the plan.

Do any recent payments count towards the total of the payment plan?
No, the sum of past payments do not count towards the payment plan.


In addition to the methods above, you can also join by visiting us at our booth found at most of the gunshows held in Georgia as well as an increasing number of other events held around Georgia. We accept payments in the form of Cash, Check or Money Order at all gunshows and events we attend. We are now accepting Credit Cards at a limited number of gunshows and events around the state.

Eastman Gunshows
R.K. Shows


If you are already a member or you would like to donate money without becoming a member, click the link below:

GCO Donation