GCO on Lawmakers

For those of you who do not regularly watch GPTV’s show Lawmakers to keep up with what is going on at the General Assembly (you should!), you may have missed GCO’s Vice President, noted firearms attorney John Monroe, on the television show last night. He is discussing the three gun bills that GCO has asked

Georgia Firearms License Applications Surge!

Sunday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution reports an amazing surge in the number of firearms license applications for 2008. 121,219 people applied for firearms licenses in 2008, and, since these licenses are good for 5 years, this represents a growing constituency that will be difficult for legislators to ignore. It is exremely difficult to trample on the


Today (Sunday) the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a feature article on GCO, complete with a picture of its President openly carrying a pistol in midtown Atlanta. The article is available online here. While not accurate in every detail (and the ambiguous quote from anti-gun activist Alice Johnson is simply puzzling), the article is the best