GCO Member Waits Nearly 8 Years for GFL

A GCO member recently received his renewal GFL after waiting almost 8 years since he applied. The member had been cited for something that, if still pending as an open case, could render him ineligible for a GFL. In this instance, however, the member never was prosecuted and the “case” was “dead docketed” by the

Federal Court Denies Henry County Judge's Motion for Reconsideration, Awards Fees

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has denied the Henry County Probate Judge’s motion to reconsider an earlier ruling in the federal court. The earlier ruling found the probate judge had violated the federal Privacy Act (related to SSNs) and the Georgia Weapons and Firearms Act (related to issuing GFLs within

GCO Asks Supreme Court to Review 60-Day Issue

GCO attorneys have filed a “petition for certiorari” with the Supreme Court of Georgia, asking the high court to review the decision of the Court of Appeals of Georgia in a case where the Court of Appeals ruled that probate juges may wait longer than 60 days to issue a firearms license.