Expiration Dates of GWL Due Renewal Extended

We are informed that the Probate Courts across the state of Georgia will temporarily suspend acceptance of applications for Georgia Weapons Carry Licenses and the renewal of Georgia Weapons Carry Licenses in pursuant to an order of the Supreme Court of GA declaring a Judicial Emergency. We are told that if you license is due

Discussion of SB 224

Sen. Elena Parent is criticizing SB 224 for “felons & other convicts allowed to have a variety of firearms”. Not so. Sen. Parent does not elaborate on what “other convicts” are besides felons. Presumably, they must be misdemeanants. Under Georgia law, there is no misdemeanor that deprives a person of the right to possess firearms,

Discussion of SB 357

There has been media coverage and politician statements that GCO has circulated misinformation about loss of a GWL for conviction of carrying in a place of worship (both now and if SB 357 passes). We believe the issue is more nuanced than that. Under both current law and SB 357, if a person with a

SB 224 Passed in Senate Judiciary Committee!

But, the work is not over as we now need to contact more elected officials and press for passage in the Senate of SB224. We also want to continue to push for a hearing on SB449. Thanks to you, our members continue pressure on the Senate Judiciary Committee, last evening SB 224 by substitute, was

The reason we are against SB357

SB357 addressed some concerns of the church concerning carrying in churches. This bill would allows churches to operate more like private property but would not strike them from the off limits places, therefore not classifying them as private property. It would continue with the provision of up to $100 fine for caught carrying in a

Begin Lobbying Now!

This session of the General Assembly has started and hearings on legislation will begin in a couple of weeks or less. In an effort to let our legislators know what we expect of them this year, we need to begin work now in contacting the members who can help us and get the ball rolling.

GCO Challenges Falcons Gun Ban

In the wake of GCO’s win at the Supreme Court of Georgia against the Atlanta Botanical Garden, GCO has challenged the Atlanta Falcons over its ban on carrying guns in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. A copy of the letter to Falcons General Counsel Mike Egan can be found here.