Below you will find all the cases that GeorgiaCarry.Org has been a party to on behalf of all of its members as well as those cases involving individuals which GCO has given support to.




US Supreme Court

DC v. Heller
Amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief for respondant Heller regarding the ban on firearms in DC. (Heller won!)

United States Court of Appeals For The Eleventh Circuit

GeorgiaCarry.Org et al. v. City of Atlanta
Firearm ban at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
(Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court ruling that HB89 did not decriminalize carrying guns in airports)
Note: Based on this ruling, GCO pushed for a change in the law and was successful. SB 308 became law in 2010. The Atlanta legal department has since studied SB 308 and determined it does not prohibit the carry firearms at the airport.

GeorgiaCarry.Org et al. v. State of Georgia et al.
Constitutional challenge to the ban on licensed carry of firearms in a “place of worship”.
(Supreme Court denied Cert, Appeals Court Decision stands that the law is not unconstitutional)

GeorgiaCarry.Org et al. v. Kabler
McIntosh County detained a citizen lawfully open carrying.
(check the Category: McIntosh Man With a Gun for the latest information)

US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta Division)

Camp v. Cason
GCO supported case regarding Carroll County requiring SSN, employment information, taking longer than 60 days and not issuing a temporary license.
(Defendants settled, the state will no longer request SSN on the application and Carroll County purged all SSN’s on record and pay our legal costs)

GeorgiaCarry.Org et al. v. Dodd
Cobb County requiring SSN and employment information.
(The county decided to stop requesting SSN and employment information, purge its records of GCO member