SB308 / SB291 – Passed Senate Floor Vote – 03/24/10

Your voices have been heard at the Capitol.  The Senate just voted to send 2 GCO backed bills to the House of Representatives! SB308 passed by a vote of 41 – 12 and SB291 was passed by a margin of 42-10!  This action was due in large part to your involvement with your Senators!  Thanks goes out to each GCO Member for your efforts.

Both bills will now be passed to the House of Representatives for them to hear, amend, and vote on the bill before sending it to a Joint Committee for final approval and then sent on the Governor Perdue’s office for his final determination.

However, the fight is not over.  We still have a long way to go.  Each member now needs to get busy, once again, contacting your Representatives and let them know that you support SB308 & SB291.   We will not publish a schedule for contacting your individual representatives.  We will notify you when your input is needed to contact committee members for scheduled hearings.

After we all breathe a slight sigh of relief, we need to get reinvigorated and start the process over.

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5 Responses to “SB308 / SB291 – Passed Senate Floor Vote – 03/24/10”

  1. b8fish Says:

    It passed!

    Great job GeorgiaCarry and Senator Seabaugh.

  2. fitz937 Says:

    I am crying so many tears……still got the misdemeanor for a freaking joint because of a stupid decision. Plead nolo after the $1000 attorney advice…, did my 1 year probation and took a driving course (which we werent even driving)…, That was 14 years ago Here’s the funny part. I have served in the United States Marines, served 10 years in public service as a Firefighter, EMT, and a Georgia certified Police Officer. I resigned from the department in 1992. I am now an educator with a Bachelors Degree in Education and I graduated Cum Laude. I have not even recieved a trafic ticket since 1995.
    I have been banned from obtaining a GFL and you know what, I have abided by the law to the tee. I have weapons. At home. But I can’t protect my family because of a freaking joint.

  3. ctdonath Says:

    SB308 defines “long guns” as firing _shotgun_shells_ thru a _smooth_bore_. A rifle is therefore not a “long gun”, and thus this legislation does not protect carry of rifles!!!

  4. XD40Tactical Says:

    Hey Fitz,
    So does this revision allow you to obtain a GFL even with the misdemeanor for pot?

  5. duckhead Says:

    Just wondering, if pot keeps you from getting a GFL, does a DUI?