We have created this reference because the State of Georgia is no longer hosting the unannotated code online and turned the hosting over to Lexis-Nexis. Lexis-Nexis does not allow deep links to their pages (meaning we cannot link to a specific code, you must go to their site and search for the code number itself). We will make every attempt to keep theses pages up to date but always make sure to double check the official code at Lexis-Nexis.

1-2-6 Rights of citizens generally.
8-3-202 Unlawful practices in selling or renting dwellings; exceptions
10-1-100 Out of state purchase of rifles and shotguns by residents
10-1-101 Nonresidents may purchase rifles and shotguns in Georgia
10-1-439 Short title
10-1-439.1 Definitions
10-1-439.2 Discrimination in financial services prohibited
10-1-439.3 Role of Attorney General in prosecuting violators
10-1-439.4 Exemptions
12-3-9 Adoption and promulgation by Board of Natural Resources of rules and regulations regarding parks, historic sites, and recreational areas
12-3-10 Directing persons to leave parks, historic sites, or recreational areas upon their refusal to observe rules and regulations; prohibited acts generally
12-3-10.1 Directing persons to leave parks, historic sites, or recreation areas; penalty
12-3-11 Civil penalty; reports to department by clerk of court regarding disposition of actions; compensation of clerk for reports
15-9-60 Fees
15-11-601 Disposition of delinquent act
16-1-3 Definitions
16-1-10 Punishment for crimes for which punishment not otherwise provided
16-3-1 Minimum age
16-3-20 Justification
16-3-21 Use of force in defense of self or others; evidence of belief that force was necessary in murder or manslaughter prosecution
16-3-22 Immunity from criminal liability of persons rendering assistance to law enforcement officers
16-3-22.1 Persons who provide assistance to law enforcement officers
16-3-23 Use of force in defense of habitation
16-3-23.1 No duty to retreat prior to use of force in self-defense
16-3-24 Use of force in defense of property other than a habitation
16-3-24.1 Habitation and personal property defined
16-3-24.2 Immunity from prosecution; exception
16-7-21 Criminal trespass
16-11-34.1 Preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings of members; unlawful activities within the state capitol or certain Capitol Square buildings
16-11-101 Furnishing metal knuckles or a knife to person under the age of 18 years
16-11-101.1 Furnishing pistol or revolver to person under the age of 18 years
16-11-102 Pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another
16-11-103 Discharge of gun or pistol near public highway; penalty
16-11-104 Discharge of firearms on property of another
16-11-105 Discharge of firearm on Sunday; exceptions; penalty
16-11-106 Possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain crimes
16-11-108 Misuse of firearm or archery tackle while hunting
16-11-109 Activities prohibited to person charged with violation of subsection (a) of Code Section 16-11-108; penalty for violation of Code section; surrender of hunting license
16-11-113 Offense of transferring firearm to individual other than actual buyer
16-11-120 Short title
16-11-121 Definitions
16-11-122 Possession of sawed-off shotgun or rifle, machine gun, silencer, or dangerous weapon prohibited
16-11-123 Unlawful possession of firearms or weapons
16-11-124 Exemptions from application of part
16-11-125 Burden of proof as to exemptions
16-11-125.1 Definitions
16-11-126 Having or carrying handguns, long guns, or other weapons; license requirement; exceptions for homes, motor vehicles, private property, and other locations and conditions
16-11-127 Carrying weapons in unauthorized locations
16-11-127.1 Carrying weapons within school safety zones, at school functions, or on a bus or other transportation furnished by a school
16-11-127.2 Weapons on premises of nuclear power facility
16-11-128 Carrying pistol without license
16-11-129 Weapons carry license; temporary renewal permit; mandamus; verification of license
16-11-130 Exemptions from Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2
16-11-130.1 Allowing personnel to carry weapons within certain school safety zones and at school functions
16-11-130.2 Carrying a weapon or long gun at a commercial service airport
16-11-131          Possession of firearms by convicted felons and first offender probationers
16-11-132 Possession of handgun by person under the age of 18 years
16-11-133 Minimum periods of confinement for persons convicted who have prior convictions
16-11-134 Discharging firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
16-11-135 Public or private employer’s parking lots; right of privacy in vehicles in employer’s parking lot or invited guests on lot; severability; rights of action
16-11-136 Restrictions on possession, manufacture, sale, or transfer of knives
16-11-137 Required possession of weapons carry license or proof of exemption when carrying a weapon; detention for investigation of carrying permit
16-11-138 Defense of self or others as absolute defense
16-11-150 Short title
16-11-151 Prohibited training
16-11-152 Authorized training
16-11-160 Use of machine guns, sawed-off rifles, sawed-off shotguns, or firearms with silencers during commission of certain offenses; enhanced criminal penalties
16-11-161 Consistent local laws or ordinances authorized
16-11-162 Exemption for use of force in defense of others
16-11-171 Definitions
16-11-172 Transfers or purchases of firearms subject to the NICS; information concerning persons who have been involuntarily hospitalized to be forwarded to the FBI; penalties for breach of confidentiality; exceptions
16-11-173 Legislative findings; preemption of local regulation and lawsuits; exceptions
16-12-122 Definitions
16-12-123 Bus or rail vehicle hijacking; boarding with concealed weapon; company use of reasonable security measures
16-12-127 Prohibition on firearms, hazardous substances, knives, or other devices; penalty; affirmative defenses
16-12-128 Effect of part on other provisions of law; civil or criminal proceedings; restitution
16-12-129 Defense of self or others an absolute defense to violation under this part
16-13-21 Definitions
16-13-25 Schedule I
16-13-26 Schedule II
16-13-27 Schedule III
16-13-27.1 Exempt anabolic steroids
16-13-28 Schedule IV
16-13-29 Schedule V
17-5-50 Property unlawfully obtained; rights of owner; hearing; admissibility of photographs in lieu of original property; representation of unknown or absent defendants; statements made by defendant or agent at trial
17-5-51 Civil forfeiture of weapons used in commission of crime, possession of which constitutes crime or delinquent act, or illegal concealment generally
17-5-52 Disposition of weapons used in commission of crime or delinquent act involving possession; civil forfeiture
17-5-52.1 Disposal of forfeited or abandoned firearms; innocent owners; auctions; record keeping; liability of government entities
17-5-53 Disposition of devices with historical or instructional value
17-10-3 Punishment for misdemeanors generally
21-2-2 Definitions
21-2-413 Conduct of voters, campaigners, and others at polling places generally
27-1-36 Civil enforcement by department; disposition of penalties
27-1-38 Penalty for violations of title
27-3-1.1 Acts prohibited on wildlife management areas
27-3-6 Possession of firearm while hunting with bow and arrow
27-3-7 Hunting under the influence of alcohol or drugs
27-4-11.1 Possession of firearms and intoxication on public fishing areas; fishing in closed fishing areas; other restrictions in public fishing areas
33-24-30.1 Excluding or denying coverage on basis of lawful firearms possession
35-3-34 Disclosure and dissemination of criminal records to private persons and businesses; resulting responsibility and liability of issuing center; provision of certain information to the FBI in conjunction with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System
37-1-1 Definitions
38-2-194 Control of armories and other facilities; officer in charge
38-2-277 Unauthorized military bodies prohibited; exceptions; support by counties or cities prohibited; penalty for membership
38-2-301 Closing places where firearms and ammunition sold, where disorder likely to occur; penalty for not obeying closing order
38-3-37 Prohibited actions by government official or employee during declared state of emergency
38-3-51 Emergency powers of Governor; termination of emergency; limitations in energy emergency; immunity
41-1-9 Sport shooting ranges
42-4-13 Possession of drugs, weapons, or alcohol by inmates
42-5-15 Crossing of guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, or drugs without consent of warden or superintendent
43-38-10 Permits to carry firearms; proficiency requirement; exemption from specified laws; denial, refusal to renew, and suspension of permits; effect of license suspension and restoration
50-18-70 Legislative intent; definitions
50-18-71 Right of access; timing; fees; denial of requests; impact of electronic records
50-18-72 When public disclosure not required
50-18-73 Jurisdiction to enforce article; attorney’s fees and litigation expenses; good faith reliance as defense to action
50-18-74 Penalty for violations; procedure for commencement of prosecution.
51-11-9 Immunity from civil liability for threat or use of force in defense of habitation