GeorgiaCarry.Org is proud to introduce the beginning of a series of articles and research that will explore the various areas of Georgia’s current and past firearm and carry laws.

Reports on Current Laws and Regulations:

“We’re Still Waiting on Your Background Check”: Trust But Verify, or The Things You Can Do to Check on Whether the Probate Court Is Telling You the Truth
Federalism and State Licensing – Who has Authority over Issuing the Georgia Firearms License?

Articles on past laws and Georgia’s firearm history:

GCO Special Report: Disarm the Negros – the Racist Roots of Georgia Gun Laws
Chronology of Georgia Carry Laws (Expanded version of the History of Georgia Carry Laws)
History of Georgia Carry Laws
The Public Gathering Prohibition ? The Bloody Legacy of the Camilla Massacre
Ever Wonder Why Probate Judges Issue Firearms Licenses?
The Racist Roots of Gun Control

Articles telling the real truth behind Anti-gun Statements:

Guns And Children – We’ve Been Lied Too!
Guns Good Bans Bad – Campus Carry Edition

Notes and Presentations:

Morning Jolt: Background Checks From the 2015 GCO Convention