GCO Executive Director Shares A Recently Received Email Filled with Brotherly Love

The purpose of posting this email is to show our members and the public the kind of hatred, bigotry, and venom we receive from our liberal detractors on a fairly regular basis.  We wanted to share this email as one example of the love your Executive Director received recently.  We will share more of the love  in the future as we deem fit.  The email below is copied directly from the inbox.  Any spelling or grammatical errors are those of the writer.

We ask those who wish comment on this post, please keep your comments polite and show respect to the writer below and GCO.

This email is titled – Time to wake up!

Michael Karamian   Sent 01/17/13     3:31 AM

Mr oblivious, the only problem with your comment ‘Only law abbiding gun owners will suffer from this law’  is that  90% of all the murders in America(especially the ones where more than 3-4 people were killed) are done by ..YOUR law -abbiding gun owners, church-going, PTA going, hard-working family men, who, one day ..SNAP and kill everybody they know and few strangers in the process! And this happens at least 5-6 times A WEEK in America, while criminals and ‘crazies’ are doing this a lot less often!!  Not only
that, but the ‘crazies’(like the punk at Sandy,CT, got his guns and training from his..MOTHER,who owned them LEGAL!!
Wake up and stop blaming it on ‘crazies’ and criminals, its ALL of you,.legal gun owners
that are dangerous, especially with the high caliber ones!  Why do you need an AK 47
style  gun to blow a rabbit to pieces?
And Im not surprised that also, most of these vile  acts are done by  YOUR, RED STATES  that voted for Romney!  Check it out! Is that a coincidence? I dont think so,
as long as you aholes  think the civil war is still going!!!
These are the factsd, not your republican crap that is holding this country hostage puting every person and KIDS in danger because  of your fkng right ‘blah,blah, that
was written ..200 years ago, and things changed since then, ‘genius’!
Wake the f— up, we’re already the most violent nation on earth, not  even including all the wars we’re involved in!!   Got it?
I know you’re only in Georgia, but  you seem to get involved nationaly, without having or not wanting the facts!
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8 Responses to “GCO Executive Director Shares A Recently Received Email Filled with Brotherly Love”

  1. George Mabry Says:

    I have noted when in discussions with an anti-gun persons. He or she can only argue from a state of extreme emotion. When I ask them to slow down and debate with facts and logic they react with cliques or more emotion. When give facts and logic they always revert back to extreme emotion and name calling. The calmer I remain the louder and emotional they become. This seems to cover the gamut of most liberal dogma. They seem to have no capacity to defend their views with logic and facts but only with high emotional outburst.

  2. monte Says:

    I lost faith in the American people when they elected Jimmy Carter. Since that time, the liberals have grown so incredibly dense. They argue from a point of emotion rather than the facts. They remind me from my college days, the students that wrote papers based on belief without a single source to quote.
    It continues to foster my argument that if a liberal says it, it must certainly be the truth!


  3. Vir Quisque Vir Says:

    I am tired of all the vilification of the NRA, NAGR, GOA and the many other gun related organizations, including GCO, along with vilification and vile spewing against anyone who owns a gun. Right now, we have among the most anti-gun legislators proposing more, largely ineffective gun laws. I have a somewhat different take on some of the root problems. Despite actions and biases to the contrary, self-defense, constitutional rights and personal freedom ARE important. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a constitutional republic. For some reasons, the constitutional part is left out of most of the Biden Committee discussions on gun “control”.. Unfortunately, there has been a lot more heat than light on the topic of violent crimes committed with firearms. Your respondent seems to be a poster child for this effect. My two cents, for what it’s worth, is that mostly the left, and the far left fear an educated, informed, armed citizenry and therein lies the rub. It looks like common sense and logic are just not that common as we would wish, and emotional responses to an inanimate object are the orders of the day. We all love the first amendment of free speech, but the left more often tries to omit, suppress or deny speech with which they disagree. I have tried logic and persuasion with folks similar to the respondent above, but find that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. In the interim, I will just have to disagree with the fellow, and cling to my guns and religion. I guess that makes me a “right wing extremist” (Homeland Security), a “domestic terrorist” (Republcan), and be one of those despicable folk who cling to their guns and religion (Obama). My sense is our founders would be proud of me and others who would defend our natural, fundamental, God-given, pre-existing right to keep and bear arms. Especially, for the tyranny of government over the governed. I was heart-warmed to see that a lot of states have vowed not to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, nor the king’s decrees from on high.

  4. djchilds Says:

    I think Michael K. needs to have his medication adjusted, or maybe needs some medication.

  5. randall714 Says:

    Actually, Michael K., the last four mass killers were all registered Democrats.

  6. Waldomountainman Says:

    It appears that the author might have been slightly inebriated at 03:31 when composing this piece. If I had to guess he was up late partying and stumbled on some advertisement or other venue which led him to the GCO site and he showed his liberal side quite well. It is easy to determine he was not of sound mind since every reason he used to justify his argument was totally inaccurate and in some instances just plain pulled out of his rectum.
    It is unfortunate though as most of the liberals that I try to have any discussion over current issues with tend to act similar to this without drugs or alcohol to alter their state of mind.

  7. mad mack USMC Says:

    If they take our weapons, we will lose ALL Civil Rights. I will turn mine in if the Pres. on down discontinue their around the clock armed Protection from Secret Service! They forget who put them in office. They want to render the people helpless to remove them from office, so they will have unlimited ability to RULE the Masses while we will have no choice but to submit to REAL SLAVERY.

  8. lineman73 Says:

    Mr. Karamian, hopefully this response to your e-mail of January 13th finds you sober enough to read it. I will keep it short and simple, so you can understand:
    If gun control worked, Chicago would be the most peaceful, quiet and civilized spot in the country!

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