HB60 to be Signed Wednesday, April 23!

It is no longer necessary to call Governor Deal concerning HB60.  Below is an invitation GCO received from Speaker David Ralston for all members of GCO to attend the signing of HB60.  The invitation below is self explanatory.

On behalf of the bill sponsors and myself, I would like to invite you and your membership to Ellijay next Wednesday, April 23rd, at the ETC Pavilion on the Coosawattee River where Governor Deal will sign House Bill 60, the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014.  The bill signing ceremony begins at noon.  After that, a BBQ lunch will be served open to those who can join us.

The address for the ETC Pavilion can be found below.  Thanks and I look forward to seeing you and everyone in Ellijay next week.

Speaker Ralston

What: Bill Signing Ceremony for HB 60, The Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014

When: Wednesday, April 23, 12:00 p.m. (noon)

Who:    Speaker Ralston

Governor Nathan Deal

Members of the General Assembly

Where: ETC Pavilion on the Coosawattee River

255 Legion Road

Ellijay, Georgia 30540

              Click here for a link to the Google Map

Thanks for all your efforts to get HB60 signed.  After the bill is signed on Wednesday, we will have to wait until July 1, 2014 for the bill to take effect.  Founding Board Member and Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner Ed Stone is planning a series of articles explaining what HB60 does for the people of GA from a layman’s terms so we can be prepared when the bill becomes law.  We will also have a session at the 6th Annual GCO Convention on August 16.

Hope to see many of you at the ceremony!


3 Responses to “HB60 to be Signed Wednesday, April 23!”

  1. Juifff Says:

    It appears that the campus carry portion which was to be changed from a misdemeanor to a fine was nixed.

    What I would like to know is whether it is prohibited to keep a weapon locked in the car. I am a college student and I since I do not have much money, most of my travel must be consolodated with going to and from school. If I cannot lock a weapon in my car, then I effectively cannot carry a weapon for nearly the entire day, most days of the week.

    The language regarding permission to keep a gun in a locked box in a car is too tricky for me, though it appears to be the same as before. People who aren’t students are in the clear, but students cannot keep a gun locked in the car? Did I interpret that correctly?

    Thank You

  2. Jerry Henry Says:

    You are not prohibited from having a weapon in your vehicle while on school property. You must keep the firearm locked in a compartment in the vehicle. Your passenger compartment is a compartment in your vehicle. Students who possess a valid GWL may have a weapon in your vehicle as described above.

  3. Juifff Says:

    What section specifically allows this? My reading of it allows people who are transporting students who are not students themselves to leave a firearm locked in the vehicle. Which portion specifically allows students who are not transporting anyone to or from the school?

    I would be grateful to know what the consensus is on this, since I cannot risk it unless it is legal to do so. I was honestly surprised to see all the hooplah from the media on this gun bill, since it is clearly not the most lax (as opposed to the claims that it is) and appears to have no practical effect on myself. It is nice that if I am carrying and forget about it while travelling somewhere guns are prohibited I won’t instantly become a felon, but I don’t go to bars and the churches here are unlikely to opt in. They will likely permit a few people to carry as an “unseen” security detail, but church folk are largely squeamish about it and most won’t advertise that people are free to carry.

    There are definite benefits for sure, but celebrating this as comprehensive reform (not saying thats happening here, just on the interwebz) seems not-quite-so.

    Thank You