GCO Opposes HB186

We need all members and friends who are pro gun to contact members of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee NOW!

GeorgiaCarry.Org strongly opposes HB186!!!  HB186 (here) – Crimes and offenses; carrying weapons within certain school safety zones and at school functions; change provisions

HB186 is sponsored by Representative Ed Seltzer, (R-35) and cosigned by Representative Micah Gravely, (R-67) and Representative Emory Dunahoo, (R30).

This bill does several things that contribute to gun control legislation and will strip your right to carry on campus.

As you are aware, HB826 last year decriminalized campus carry and was signed into law one day prior to HB60.  The Governor and General Assembly believe that signing the bills in that order means that HB60 overrode the school carry provision allowed in HB826.  That would be true if the bills were in conflict and the bills were irreconcilable.  GCO not only believes these bills were not in conflict, but have been told so by judges that they are not in conflict.

We filed lawsuits in several counties that were dismissed because school boards have sovereign immunity and cannot be sued. The only judge to comment on the real issue of our case (Fulton County) agreed with us on the merits but dismissed the case on the sovereign immunity issue.  Ruling is here – page 11 of 14, Balancing the Equities.  We have been told that our lawsuit should be aimed at the General Assembly Code Revision Committee for not properly allowing the campus carry portion to be put in the Official Code of GA Annotated.  We have filed suit against the Governor and the Code Revision Committee for that very reason.

HB186 would change the very portion of the statute that would make our lawsuit moot which would mean that we would have no legal ground to stand on as the action of the General Assembly would change the statute to prohibit what they passed last year.

And, HB186 would also criminalizes carrying in a private passenger motor vehicle carrying school children to or from school activities by a school employee.  That not only means a teacher driving a student to an extra curricular (mock trial competition, band event, forensics or even athletics — though those usually involve buses), it means any school employee driving his or her child/children to school.

This bill is currently in the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and we expect a hearing to happen very soon.  If your representative is a member of this committee, please contact him or her and politely but firmly let him or her know you are against this bill.  If your representative is not on this committee, please contact them in the same manner as well.

The committee members and office phone numbers.

Alan Powell                Chairman           (404) 463-3793
Darlene K. Taylor       Vice Chairman    (404) 656-0178
Alex Atwood               Secretary            (404) 656-0152
Heath Clark                Member              (404) 656-0109
Kevin Cooke              Member              (404) 656-0109
Gloria Fraizer             Member              (404) 656-0265
Mike Glanton              Member             (404) 657-1803
Micah Gravely            Member              (404) 656-0325
Gerald E. Greene       Member             (404) 656-0202
Dustin Hightower        Member             (404) 657-1803
Bill Hitchens               Member              (404) 656-0178
Scott Holcomb            Member             (404) 656-6372
Mack Jackson            Member              (404) 656-0314
Rick Jasperse             Member             (404) 656-0188
Eddie Lumsden          Member             (404) 656-0325
Jesse Patrea              Member             (404) 656-0109
Keisha Waites            Member             (404) 656- 0220
Committee Members email addresses
Alan Powell                Chairman              alanpowell23@hotmail.com
Darlene K. Taylor       Vice Chairman      darlene.taylor@house.ga.gov
Alex Atwood               Secretary              alex.atwood@house.ga.gov
Heath Clark                Member                heath.clark@house.ga.gov
Kevin Cooke              Member                kevin.cooke@house.ga.gov
Gloria Fraizer             Member                frazier26@comcast.net
Mike Glanton              Member                mike.glanton@house.ga.gov
Micah Gravely            Member                micah.gravley@house.ga.gov
Gerald E. Greene       Member                gerald.greene@house.ga.gov
Dustin Hightower        Member                dustin.hightower@house.ga.gov
Bill Hitchens               Member                 bill.hitchens@house.ga.gov
Scott Holcomb            Member                scott.holcomb@house.ga.gov
Mack Jackson            Member                mack.jackson@house.ga.gov
Rick Jasperse             Member                rick.jasperse@house.ga.gov
Eddie Lumsden          Member                eddie.lumsden@house.ga.gov
Jesse Patrea              Member                jesse.petrea@house.ga.gov
Keisha Waites            Member                keisha.waites@house.ga.gov

Please contact the members listed above immediately!

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