South Carolina Governor Haley Signs GA Reciprocity Bill!

This morning, South Carolina Governor Haley signed SC H3799 into law, recognizing our GWL’s in South Carolina.  The bill is effective upon her signing so we now have reciprocity.

Please remember to check out the SC laws before carrying there and remember that they only allow concealed carry.

This is great news as we can now carry in all our neighboring states!!!

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2 Responses to “South Carolina Governor Haley Signs GA Reciprocity Bill!”

  1. Medic72 Says:

    Excellent, its about time :)

  2. taccodawg Says:

    This is something we’ve been fighting for for many years in NE GA and SC. I teach classes in both states and live in GA. It was unconscionable to me to be wearing a uniform (target) and have to drive all around Upstate SC with no means of protection. Luckily local LE have always been understanding. Thanks to Gov. Haley and the SC legislature for ending a reciprocity battle which has only hurt the residents of our two fair states.