GCO Sponsors New SSN, Temporary License Litigation

In another case sponsored by GCO, a lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the Henry County probate judge.  When a member approached GCO about redressing Privacy Act and Georgia Firearms Act violations, GCO stepped in to help.  The action seeks to require the probate judge to issue temporary renewal licenses, not to require SSN and employment information from applicants, and to provide warnings required by the Privacy Act if SSNs are requested on a voluntary basis.

There will be a hearing on Tuesday, October 10 on the plaintiff’s motion for a temporary restraining order, requiring immediate acceptance of the plaintiff’s renewal application without SSN and employment information, and issuance of a temporary renewal license.

The complaint and brief in support of the motion are available here:


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One Response to “GCO Sponsors New SSN, Temporary License Litigation”

  1. mafuta54 Says:

    What happened October 10?