GCO Challenges Falcons Gun Ban

In the wake of GCO’s win at the Supreme Court of Georgia against the Atlanta Botanical Garden, GCO has challenged the Atlanta Falcons over its ban on carrying guns in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. A copy of the letter to Falcons General Counsel Mike Egan can be found here.

Court of Appeals Remands Campus Carry Case

The Georgia Court of Appeals has remanded the “campus carry” case to the Superior Court of Fulton County without a decision on the merits. In the case, a group of UGA professors sued former Governor Deal in his individual capacity to block “enforcement” of the law that partially decriminalizes campus carry. The superior court dismissed

Supreme Court Restores Botanical Garden Case

Today, the Supreme Court of Georgia restored (for the second time) GCO’s lawsuit against the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The case, filed in 2014, challenges the policy of the Garden of disallowing GWL holders from carrying while at the Garden. State law prohibits lessees of public property from banning weapons. A copy of the decision may

Corps Grants Carry Permission

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted permission to carry loaded firearms on Corps property to the two GCO members who sued the Corps for refusing to grant such permission. It is anticipated that such permission will be granted to other GCO members who request it and who have weapons carry licenses.

GCO, VCDL Sue Georgia AG

GCO, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, and a mutual member have filed suit against Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr on account of Carr’s refusal to recognize Virginia concealed carry licences in Georgia.

CDC Doctor Denigrates 2A, GCO Mission

Jean Clare Smith, a doctor with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, contacted GCO to complain about GCO’s efforts in the Botanical Garden case. She urged GCO to work on matters of importance to society, and has previously called for the Second Amendment to be radically changed. She asserts that “children” would appreciate it