Bill Will Kill Kids AND Police Officers: The AJC on HB 89

Maureen Downey published an editorial this morning claiming that passage of HB 89, which would prevent law abiding citizens from being arrested if their firearm is not fully open and exposed to view by all observers, “could mean more deaths of officers, kids.“  The editorial cites opposition by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, without explaining that the Association did not voice any opposition to the bill when it was being heard in committee because there was, and still is, major disagreement among its members regarding the Association’s public stance on HB 89.  The article failed to mention that the bill’s author, Tim Bearden, was a Sheriff’s Deputy for 15 years and estimates he has stopped between 10,000 and 12,000 motor vehicles.

The editorial also fails to mention that when GCO’s president testified before the House committee to voice GCO’s strong support of the bill, that GCO’s president testified that he was also a former police officer with more than a decade of experience.  GCO has former and current police officers in its ranks, but the editorial dismisses GCO’s public position with the remark that “only . . . ’one gun advocate’ spoke in its favor.”

The editorial asks why the bill is even necessary.  The opposite question should perhaps be asked.  Why does Ms. Downey find it necessary to put peaceable people in jail for having a gun only partially blocked from view while they are waiting six months or more for the probate court to issue their renewal firearms license?

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