GCO Asks City of Haralson to Remove its Gun Ban Signs

GeorgiaCarry.Org has asked the City of Haralson, Georgia, to remove its “No Guns” signs after a city official informed a GeorgiaCarry.Org member that she would be arrested if she continued carrying a gun in the City of Haralson Park. The reason given was the presence of “children in the park.” GeorgiaCarry.Org’s letter can be viewed

GCO asks AG to recognize North Dakota

GCO sent a letter last week asking the Attorney General to recognize North Dakota’s firearms licenses based on a new law that states that reciprocity is at the discretion of the other state. In other words, North Dakota will recognize Georgia if Georgia will recognize North Dakota. You may read GCO’s letter to the Attorney

GCO Appoints Executive Director

GCO is proud to announce the appointment of Jerry Henry as GCO’s Executive Director. Jerry will be responsible for overall coordination and execution of GCO’s activities, as well as acting as a liaison between each of GCO’s various coordinators, sponsors, and members. GCO now has a telephone number available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9

GCO in the news

NRA targets Wood for defeat. The Roswell Beacon carried a story Sunday about the NRA’s effort to defeat Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, who is a member of the anti-gun organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Of course, that name belies the fact that they are against lawful gun ownership and carrying, too. Mayor Wood, on the

GCO in the news

Carrying for a Cause: Gunowners come to Sumter and Schley. The Americus Times Recorder carried a positive article Saturday on GCO’s service to the local community and meeting for lunch with John Monds, the Libertarian candidate for Governor.

GCO Makes Front Cover of Newnan Times Herald

GCO’s Adopt a Highway program in Coweta County had its first pick up on Saturday. 20 people were present to volunteer and beautify a small piece of Coweta. The Newnan Times Herald on Sunday ran a huge headline stating “GEORGIA CARRY” above a color photograph of the members working. Here is the online version of