Floyd County Repeals Park Gun Ban

With the obvious exception of public gatherings, Floyd County parks are no longer disarmed victim zones! On a unanimous vote taken yesterday, the Floyd County Commission repealed their ban on firearms in county parks. Please direct your thanks to GCO member and Floyd County resident Mike Morton, who brought this issue to the county’s attention and diligently pursued repeal with his commissioners and the county attorney.

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6 Responses to “Floyd County Repeals Park Gun Ban”

  1. jrm Says:

    Great work, Mike! Thanks.

  2. Patrick Smith Says:

    Good job, Mike. Thanks for the hard work.

  3. b8fish Says:

    Grass root activism at its best! Good job, Mike.

  4. Bradd_D Says:

    Thanks alot for your perseverance, Mike. It’s nice to belong to an organization that is getting things done.

  5. morris Says:

    Awesome, Mike!

  6. ntech Says:

    I appreciate your efforts to support law abiding citizens who wish to be able to defend themselves and their families if the need arises.