GCO Responds to Atlanta in Airport Case

GCO has filed responses to Atlanta’s motions in the Airport gun ban case in federal court in Atlanta.  In the case, GCO challenges Atlanta’s policy of arresting people for carrying firearms in the airport, even if they have GFLs.  Atlanta filed a motion seeking to exclude GCO’s evidence of the legislative history of HB 89, which removed restrictions against carrying in the airport for GFL holders.  Atlanta also filed a rare motion for judgment on the pleadings, asking the court to dismiss the case without looking at any evidence.  GCO also filed a reply in support of GCO’s motion for a preliminary injunction, which GCO requested to stop Atlanta from arresting people for nonexistent crimes while the case is pending.  A hearing will be held August 11 to determine if the preliminary injunction should be issued.  Documents in the case may be viewed here.

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