MARTA Answers Lawsuit

MARTA has filed an answer to GCO’s lawsuit claiming MARTA violates the Privacy Act, the 4th Amendment, and the Georgia Open Records Act.  The court documents may be viewed here.

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9 Responses to “MARTA Answers Lawsuit”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    i hope the judge is smarter than some we have seen

  2. mzmtg Says:

    “denied” “denied” “denied”

    Well, that was no fun to read at all. Hopefully, the judge will make them actually defend themselves against these claims. I’d love to see what they can come up with.

  3. Securus Transportos Says:

    Beverly needs to quit spending funds on bad lawyers such as Paula Nash. Both of them could not manage themselves out of a shoe box. I’ m contacting me representatives and saying no additional access to funds for Marta due to lack of responsibility of it’s management.

  4. Neener Neener Says:

    Pathetic. It looks like all they did was copy and paste every answer.

  5. larryg2 Says:

    I’m seriously starting to lose faith in our legal system. There’s nothing left for them to deny…..they’ve denied all the facts already. If our esteemed judge accepts responses like this at face value, we’re all living in the wrong country.

  6. sariel Says:

    Last time I checked Marta was happily accepting our tax payer dollars, hopefully the judge will decide they should accept our laws as well.

  7. fordguy1280 Says:

    What did I just read? did a first grader file that response?

  8. atlsrt44 Says:

    A friend of mine used to repair the buses for marta, He said everytime he had to reach under the floor panels roaches would swarm all over his arms. So why should we not expect roaches in other places as well?

  9. Montezuma Says:

    This is just like our governments(federal, state, and local) refusing to take responsibility for their actions. After this, they request the courts to just push lawsuits to the side that would allow us to receive the answers we are constitutionally guaranteed. It is HIGH time that all the governments in this country understand that they are a servant government and not an omnipotent government, that has total control over the citizens that are supposed to serve.

    I really think that it is high time that open carry be allowed for citizen that do not have GFLs. Why should I have to pay for a constitutional right? $19.25(or so) to start the application, $5.00 for fingerprints, and then $15.00 when the GFL arrives and is picked up. This is only for five years, then I must go through the entire process over again. I do not remember reading anywhere in the second amendment that our rights shall be infringed by licensing requirements set forth by each state.

    As an ex-police officer and a disabled person, I know the value of being able to protect one’s self at all times. Also, as a disabled person with zero income, every dollar is of the up most importance. Since I am unable to afford my legal right, I will continue to do what I must to protect myself. I will face the consequences if I ever have to protect myself from harm. I believe it is a slap in the face by the State of Georgia that I must pay a fee to practice self defense.

    Seeing as I am not a convicted felon, nor am I barred from possessing a firearm, I do not feel I need the government checking my background so that they can give me permission to carry a firearm. I am not a servant of the government, and I will not act like one. I obey ALL laws normally, but this is one I have a hard time obeying. Hate me if you must, but I would rather be a hated human than a praised corpse.