GCO Responds to AG Letter on North Dakota Reciprocity

GCO has contacted the Georgia AG, concerning a misstatement in his response to GCO’s original request for North Dakota Reciprocity.  The Georgia Attorney General (June 24, 2009) “indicated that we were unable to provide reciprocity since North Dakota’s statute, unlike Georgia law, allowed persons under 21 years of age to obtain licenses.  The North Dakota law did not meet the statutory requirements for licensing under Georgia law and reciprocity was therefore not available.”

However, that is not what Georgia Law concerning reciprocity states.  Read GCO’s letter to the AG, here.

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One Response to “GCO Responds to AG Letter on North Dakota Reciprocity”

  1. Phantoms Says:

    Did the AG ever answer this letter? Wouldn’t having to follow the laws of the state you are in mean that only 21 and older could carry hear regardless of what’s legal in their home state and thus mean there is no conflict?