Court Denies Reconsideration in Non-Resident Case

A federal court in Atlanta has denied GCO’s motion for reconsideration in a case challenging Georgia’s law prohibiting issuing GFLs to non-residents.  In March 2009, Senior United States District Judge Clarence Cooper dismissed GCO member Regis Goyke’s lawsuit, saying Goyke had no standing to bring his case.  Goyke, a Wisconsin resident, had challenged his inability to apply for and obtain a GFL, saying that he qualified for one in all respects but his state of residency.  GCO, on behalf of its other non-resident members, brought the case with Goyke.  On March 29, 2010, Cooper denied Goyke’s and GCO’s motion for reconsideration, clearing the way for the dismissal of the case to be appealed if the plaintiffs elect to do so.  Documents in the case may be viewed here.

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