Jasperse Introduces Safe Carry Protection Act of 2013

After weeks of work, state Rep. Rick Jasperse has introduced HB 512, the Safe Carry Act of 2013. The bill is designed to enhance the safety of all Georgians through the safe carrying of firearms by responsible citizens. Among other things, the bill would reduce the number of off-limits places, eliminate the need for fingerprints for renewals of GWLs, expand state preemption of local regulations to include all weapons, and recognize the safe record of GWL holders by adding them to the list of those exempt from several firearms laws. GCO strongly supports this bill and encourages its members to tell their representatives that they would like to see the bill passed into law.  The actual bill can be found here.

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14 Responses to “Jasperse Introduces Safe Carry Protection Act of 2013”

  1. tmoore912 Says:

    Looking forward to reading the Bill. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Patrick Henry Says:

    I truly wish we could just put forth legislation that simply abolishes ANY laws that have undermined ANY of the Bill of Rights as well as in regard to our right to keep and bear arms.

    I am not in favor of these Lists of Names that are becoming more and more prevalent in legislation.

    Why can we not just simply use the plain meaning of words to undo that, which has undone our freedoms without having to create a List of Names in conjunction with proposed legislation?

    With the Utmost respect,
    Patrick Henry

  3. mlbdink Says:

    What is the Bill #?

  4. cbuice Says:

    Anyone know the bill#? This was requested by my rep when I wrote him…

  5. Mike Stucka Says:

    I won’t claim to be an expert, but I’m not seeing a bill by that name sponsored by that representative.

    The site is tracking some legislation here:

    That legislator is involved in bills including:
    HB 35 (schools): http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20132014/HB/35

    HB 335 (churches): http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20132014/HB/335

  6. rover95disco Says:

    HB 335

    A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Code Section 16-11-127 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to carrying weapons in unauthorized locations and penalty, so as to repeal a prohibition against carrying a weapon in a place of worship; to provide a short title; to provide an effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.


  7. Gunstar1 Says:

    It was just introduced today so it has yet to be placed on the General Assembly website. The number of it is HB 512.

    Hopefully a link to the text of the bill will be available tomorrow.

  8. Doc Says:

    I forwarded this information to Gun Owners of America and asked that they get the word out as well. They promissed to support the bill.

  9. pepsiray77 Says:

    There are some good things in this bill, however the mental health thing in it has me concerned. A cornerstone of the national gun control agenda is to force gun owners to prove they are “mentally competent” in order to carry a firearm to protect loved ones. To make you give up your medical privacy. The anti-gunners ultimate goal is to construct the infrastructure – at the state and federal levels – capable of requiring “mandatory mental health screenings” for you to carry a firearm.

  10. Gunstar1 Says:


    There is already a requirment in the law that the probate courts “may” require you to sign a waiver to receive any records if you have been hospitalized as an inpatient in the last 5 years. Some counties already make this mandatory for all applicants.

    While I may not agree with it, the changing from “may” to “shall” is not as bad since the bill is also changing it to “involuntarily” hospitalized as an inpatient. So instead of casting the net wider, it is actually making the net smaller.

    Also, while it is a concern, if the law about mental health stays the same, the probate courts could get together and just decide to require it of every applicant without any change in the current law.

  11. b8fish Says:

    Link is up for the Bill ..


  12. bobme1ga Says:

    I would like to see some kind of wording about proctecting GWL holders dealing with the work place parking lots. Maybe I’m missing it somewhere?……
    I work from home and… dont need to disarm when I have to travel to my work facility a couple times a week, for fear of getting fired if work finds out I’m still armed…but locked in my private car. As I read it…. We here in Georgia leave it up to work place/company policy. Just a thought….as most corprate facilitys are “gun free zones”. As always….just a thought:

  13. pepsiray77 Says:


    You made some good points, baby steps I guess. I for one would like to see less red tape when it comes to gun laws, maybe someday. With seeing the huge gun grab agenda by the Obama administration I felt the need to contact my elected officials. I never done that before, but I’m all over it now, every day.

    I took that oath a long time ago to defend the constitution. Calling and emailing my elected officials is the least I can do to keep my word. I hope I bug the sh** out of them! I did get a little confused on HB512 because of the misinformation that GGO put out there, what’s up with those folks?

  14. afroW Says:


    I’m thinking the same thing. From my research, it seems that GWL carriers aren’t legally protected if we keep a weapon locked up in our vehicles while in our employer’s parking lots.