Athens-Clarke County files Answer

Athens-Clarke County has filed their answer in to GCO’s complaint regarding their ban of firearms in parks. Their answer is basically that the ban is a proper exercise of their legislative powers under GA’s constitution. They deny everything in relation to Georgia’s law preempting cities and counties from banning the transport of firearms. Their answer can be viewed here.


3 Responses to “Athens-Clarke County files Answer”

  1. Adam5 Says:

    “Wherefore, Defendant prays that Plaintifs Complaint be dissmissed with prejudice and that the Court grant to Defendant such other relief as is appropriate under the circumstances.”

    Isn’t their praying a violation of church and State?

    I don’t quite understand the mentality of “State law doesn’t apply to us.”

  2. gsusnake Says:

    What part of 16-11-173 don’t they understand?

    It’s clear as day.

    No county or municipal corporation, by zoning or by ordinance, resolution, or other enactment, shall regulate in any manner gun shows; the possession, ownership, transport, carrying, transfer, sale, purchase, licensing, or registration of firearms or components of firearms; firearms dealers; or dealers in firearms components.

    I swear, every time I think people in government can’t get any dumber they prove me wrong.

  3. murry Says:

    Hopefuly, this will send a message to Athens-Clarke(or anybody else for that matter) and their silly illegal ban on guns in parks. At any rate, thanks to all involved in this case and in the GCO.