Andrew married a neighbor friend of mine, and having many common interests, we quickly became friends. I used to shoot steel with him in north Georgia. His shooting was so precise, his motion looked animatronic. I thought that was pretty cool. Andrew loved GCO. He was passionate about citizens taking responsibility for their own safety. He volunteered with me at GCO’s Farmer’s Market gun show booth late November of 2009. Little did we know, just a few weeks later he would receive what turned out to be a death sentence from his doctor on Christmas Eve. Andrew had asymptomatically developed liver bile duct cancer, and he was in stage four at the time of diagnosis. He attempted platinum chemotherapy to no avail. His widow told me his last act before he died was to write a check for his 2010 GCO Membership dues. I really miss my friend.

In honor of Andrew and his commitment to GeorgiaCarry.Org I have donated to his memory.

Jim C. – GCO Member