GCO Asks Probate Judges to Extend GWL Expiration Dates

On March 14, 2020, Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton declared a state of judicial emergency.  Pursuant to his emergency powers, and pursuant to OCGA § 38-3-62, during the period of the order he has suspended, tolled, extended, and otherwise granted relief from any deadlines or other time schedules or filing requirements imposed by otherwise applicable statutes, rules, regulations, or court orders, whether in civil or criminal cases or administrative matters.
GCO takes the position that the expiration of a Georgia Weapons License (GWL) is a “deadline or other time schedule” of an “administrative matter” under the purview of judges, so that GWLs will not expire during the state of emergency.
For the avoidance of doubt, however, GeorgiaCarry.Org has asked the Council of Probate Judges to ask their members (i.e., the probate judges) to issue blanket orders extending GWL deadlines.


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