State Files Answer in Federal SSN Case

The Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety has filed an answer to a complaint in federal court. The lawsuit is based on a GCO member’s inability to get a Georgia firearms license in Carroll County because of the member’s election not to disclose his social security number. This is the case that was dismissed by the federal district court and reversed by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The answer, along with other court documents, can be viewed here:

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One Response to “State Files Answer in Federal SSN Case”

  1. hopper_d Says:

    Just to add to Applying for and Receiving a Concealed Carry Permit. I as a first time applicant, and former deputy Sheriff applied for and received my carry license in less than a months time this past summer from the day I applied for it and got my finger prints done, to the day the probate office called me and told me to come get my card. I live and used to work in Richmond County.

    I was asked both for my SSN and my current employer’s name and address. Obviously, because I wanted the permit: I gave that information to my probate office. I know other GA citizens have issues with this, but I just wanted to point out a positive experience in getting a right to carry/shall issue card properly submitted and returned in the correct amount of time.

    I completely support and agree with the position of this organization and was one of the new members to join in August.