Fayette County Considering Gun Ban!

On Thursday, May 10, 2007, at 7:00 p.m., the Fayette County Parks and Recreation Commission is requesting that the Board of Commissioners in Fayette County adopt an ordinance that would prohibit the possession of firearms in Fayette County parks.  The text of the proposal follows:

Sec. 14-2  Weapons

It shall be unlawful for any person to use or possess in any Fayette County park, historic site, or recreation area any firearms, bows and arrows, spring guns, air rifles, slingshots, or any other device which discharges projectiles by any means, unless the device is unloaded and stored so as not to be readily accessible or unless such use has been approved by the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.
This proposed gun ban is expressly preempted by state law, which would permit only “reasonably limiting or prohibiting the discharge of firearms.”

GCO urges its members to show up and be heard in opposition to this gun ban ordinance on Thursday evening when the gun ban will be considered.  The location and other information relating to the Board of Commissioners is here

GCO’s letter to Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell, delivered today, is here.


One Response to “Fayette County Considering Gun Ban!”

  1. HandyMan Hugh Says:

    I just read about Fayette County’s proposed anti gun legislation.
    I’m from Pennsylvania, and am outraged by the nerve of these idiots. Y’all have a good state pre-emption law, and these legislators want to flagrantly violate it. If persuasion doesn’t sway them, my suggestion would be to get the attorney general to have those who voted for passage arrested on the spot. Have them charged with malfeasance in office, violation of the preemption law, and anything else that can be thrown at them. Usually I don’t suggest such harsh measures. These people, however are going to deliberately violate the law, and their oaths of office. If they are dealt with swiftly and decisively, it should convince other public SERVANTS that we the people mean business when it comes to protecting our rights.

    That’s just my .02 worth. Good luck, HandyMan Hugh