GCO in News Again

The Fayette Citizen published an article on Fayette County’s proposed ordinance, complete with an interview with John Monroe, GCO Vice President, and a mention of the litigation in Coweta County.  The article is surprisingly well written.  Below is a short quote from the article.

When told about Fayette’s proposed ordinance, Georgiacarry.org’s attorney John Monroe was very succinct in his opinion.

“That ordinance would be pre-empted by state law,” he said.

Currently, Monroe said, he knows of eight counties in Georgia that have enacted similar ordinances. Two counties have voluntarily repealed the ordinance and the other counties are having discussions with the gun rights group. Currently, Coweta County is the only county involved in court litigation.

“There are only three areas local governments can regulate firearms: The carrying of weapons by employees, the requirement of ownership by the head of a household and the limiting of discharging firearms within its jurisdiction,” the attorney added.

In the lawsuit with Coweta County, Monroe is asking for the ordinance to be voided.

Please click on the link to read the entire article.


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