Proposed Ordinance Removed from Fayette Agenda

GCO received the following email from Fayette County Commissioner Maxwell, and I provide it here after obtaining his permission:

Subject: Fayette County Weapons Ordinance

 Ed & John,

The County Administrator has emailed me and indicated that the “weapons” ordinance has been taken off the Agenda for tomorrow.  I believe that the Chairman will simply state that, “The item has been removed from the Agenda.”  I do not anticipate any discussion (but you never know).  I have personally spoken with two other Commissioners that are against the proposed ordinance (I am opposed as well) so I see no way that the ordinance would pass.  The Commission probably does need to address vandalism and fireworks.  If this thing heats up I will get you involved, hopefully before it makes the papers this time.  I do want to say thank you for your diligent monitoring of our Second Amendment.
Thanks to those who contacted their Fayette County Commissioners in opposition to the proposed gun ban ordinance.


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