GCO Educates Roswell Marshals

After a Roswell Municipal Court Marshal told a GCO member the member had to conceal his openly carried firearm, GCO brought the matter to the attention of the marshal’s supervisor and then wrote the municipal court judge a letter explaining the laws (or lack thereof) regarding open carry in Georgia.  The letter may be viewed here.

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6 Responses to “GCO Educates Roswell Marshals”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    its totally absurd that the people who enforce that laws dont know them, might be our laws are so hard to comprehend?

  2. 660grizz Says:

    I think they should just remove all the stupid restrictions on where GFL holders can carry.
    That would keep law enforcement from having to interpret laws and allow folks to defend themselves, and others, everywhere crime may occur.

    It still boggles the mind that law makers believe gun control laws will have an affect on violent crimes. Can’t carry in a school so, there is no chance of getting shot there? I think there are numerous cases where the folks inside the school would have wished they could have carried a legal firearm inside.

  3. Crackerjack Says:

    Did the judge respond?

  4. usmcvet Says:

    This is what happens when govt gets out of control. There are so many laws on the books that any one of us could be arrested and charged for something. It is time to demand a return to a basic constitutional republic where our God given rights of life, liberty and property are not infringed upon by a bunch of superfluous commercial code regulations. Restore common law, and the basic right of self defense. Vote out any scalawags who oppose or interfere with the basic law of the land.

    “A legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law.” —Justice John Marshall, Marbury v Madison

  5. Securus Transportos Says:

    If the marshal and judge have trouble understanding the US constitution’s second amendment as it pertains to Georgia, then I can only assume that they do not have adequate knowledge of the rest of the the constitution and amendments. In that case they are not qualified to administer decisions on it that affect individuals lives.

    Education is a wonderful thing. I suggest that all Georgia judges get a refresher course this fall at a local high school on the Constitution!

  6. mdonohue Says:

    I still would like to know if any response was forthcoming?

    Any acknowledgment from the marshals and/or the supervisor that they understand that they have harassed a law abiding citizen without cause?

    Did Judge Hilliard reply?

    Did Mr. Gibson discuss the legalities with Judge Hilliard and call Mr. Monroe back to discuss?