SB 308 Passes!

SB 308 passed the General Assembly by overwhelming margins, finally repealing Georgia’s 140 year old public gathering law. The bill now goes to the Governor. Please contact the Governor and ask him to sign SB 308.

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10 Responses to “SB 308 Passes!”

  1. larrywatkins Says:

    I’ll be honest with y’all — this is not much of an accomplishment to me. Weren’t we talking about being able to protect ourselves on college campuses? Haven’t we all seen the alarming number of incidents of crime on our college campuses? What about guns in churches? Seems to me that we’ve had some compromise going on here. Our guns laws are putrid here in Georgia. Republicans control but they aren’t doing very much of anything to get the government out of the gun business. As long as we keep accepting gun bills like this for passage, we’re going to be the laughing stock of many a gun law watcher around the country.

  2. jetmech800xp Says:

    What were the changes made by the house last night????? I see 308 passed but want to know the final version. Anyone know where to find it????

  3. therock Says:

    So when do we think the governor get around to signing?

  4. Wiley Says:

    He can do one of three things: (applies to both 308 and 291)
    – Veto them. If he Vetos then the General Assembly can override the veto next session (Jan 2011)
    – Do nothing. In which case they will automaticaly become law and effective July 1;
    – Sign them. In which case they will become law immediatly upon his signature. He has 40 days from 4-30 to do so.

    From past experience (HB89) he will wait untill the last possible moment to sign. I’m guessing he won’t veto or do nothing so on or about July 1 we’ll have some approximation of Article I, Section I, Paragraph VIII of the Georgia constitution (in spite of the interference of the NRA and the active ignorance of the other gun control politicians).

  5. Jerry Henry Says:

    For the “As passed” version of the bill, go to the Current Bills page, click on “SB308″. Go the the very bottom of the page to CCR. Click on CCR and wala…..

  6. av8rdude Says:

    What happens if he signs both 308 and 291? Do these two bills have conflicting language?

  7. dencal Says:

    I disagree that SB308 isn’t much of an accomplishment. Getting rid of the Public Gathering statute is a big win. Also the provision that one can legally have a gun in their car parking lot at church represents progress even if incremental. I am confused about one aspect though. A knife is defined as being with a blade that is 5 inches or longer. With the SB308 provision that we can legally carry a knife too, does that mean that if the blade is less than 5 inches the bearer would fall into some gray zone? Why was a knife defined as having a blade of 5 inches or longer? I have a nice Benchmade folder with a 3 1/2″ blade that I have hesitated to carry because it wasn’t legal under the existing statutes in most of GA.

  8. Mrs_Esterhouse Says:

    SB308 is one giant step for GFL kind.

    Dencal, the Gen Assembly did not want to regulate a new area of weapons beyond what is currently regulated. 5″+ knives are currently regulated at the state level. The Legislature wanted to provide for the legal carry of those regulated knives and not create any new knife regulations.

    Cities like Atlanta, Decatur and Roswell only allow the carry of a knife 2″ or less. Next session, we may need examine adding state preemption to all knife lengths for GFL holders.

  9. Mrs_Esterhouse Says:

    SB308 is one giant LEAP for GFL kind! Oops.

  10. madbadhoward Says:

    I love a 1st round knock out as much as the next guy, but in this battle, we must take every little bit of ground we can get. Thats the way the anti gunners have done us for years. This has been a long fight, and its going to be longer. So to all the GCO and every gun owner, I say, be proud of your acomplishmernts. Thank you GCO and all of your members. thanks Mr. Henry for explaining were we could find the bill.