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Governor Signs HB492 into law – Effective Date 07/01/15

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

HB492 was signed into law on May 6, 2015.  HB492 will become law on July 1, 2015.

HB492 is the result of the Courts, Judges, AGGC and GCO getting together and agreeing on changes that needed to be done after the passage of HB60 last session.  Here are the changes:

1) Clarifies that government buildings are off limits only to those who do not hold a valid GWL

2) Clarifies that carrying within 150′ of a polling place is off limits ONLY when an election is taking place.

3) Clarifies that the Probate Judge cannot require a fingerprint background check when the holder has a valid GWL, regardless of the county the GWL was issued.  (The Judges were requiring a background check for any license that was not originally issued in their county.  This practice will stop upon this bill being signed and the effective date reached.)

4) Allows for school systems to decide punishment for any weapon carried to school by a student with the exception of firearms, dangerous weapons or machine guns or unless weapons defined as such in 16-11-127.1 are used in an assault.

5) Sets the date a GWL can be renewed to 90 days before and 30 days after expiration. The license can be renewed anytime during that 4 months.

6) Defined “Armed Forces” for the purpose of 16-11-129.

7) Sets the procedure for a State or Superior Court to notify the Probate Court when a GWL holder is convicted of any crime that would disqualify the holder from holding a license.

8) Requires the Probate Court to notify GCIC immediately or no later than ten days of any license holder who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

9) Clarifies the procedure for the State or Superior Courts to determine the validity of a GWL.

10) Added “political subdivision and school district” to the list of those who cannot institute gun control laws.

11) Changed the definition of weapon in 16-11-173 from the same meaning in 16-11-127.1 to “means any device designed or intended to be used, or capable of being used, for offense or defense, including but not limited to firearms, bladed devices, clubs, electric stun devices, and defense sprays.”

As you can see, there are several good items in this bill.  Please take time to contact Governor Deal and the bill’s sponsors and thank them for eliminating these ambiguities in the law.


Court of Appeals Dismisses Mall Arrest Lawsuit

Monday, April 6th, 2015

The Court of Appeals of Georgia has dismissed a GCO member’s lawsuit against officers that arrested him for refusing to prove his identity. The opinion may be found here.


GCO Files Comments On ATF’s Proposal to Ban M855 Ammunition

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

GCO has filed comments in the ATF proposal to ban popular M855 (“green tip” 5.56) ammunition. The comments can be viewed here.


GCO Now Supports HB186

Friday, February 20th, 2015

We want to thank all members who contacted the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee about HB186.  After some late night negotiations Representative Ed Setzler and others made the necessary changes to HB186 that allows GeorgiaCarry.Org to support HB186.  HB186 has now been assigned to the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Subcommittee “A”, chaired by Representative Rick Jasperse.  We will keep you informed of any future movements and/or changes should any be added to the bill as well as the date and time of the next hearing.  When that hearing is held, that will be the time for anyone to speak for or against the bill.  If the bill is recommended do pass by the Subcommittee, you cannot be assured that anyone will be allowed to speak for or against the bill in the full committee hearing.

Chairman Alan Powell requested we tell all our members thank you for reminding them that second amendment advocacy groups are alive and well.  He was very pleased to receive your kind emails reminding him of your passionate belief in the second amendment.  Many of you responded and did so in true GCO form and impressed the members of the committee.

We want to make sure you know and understand that Representatives Ed Setzler, (R-35), Micah Gravely, (R-67) and Emory Dunahoo, (R-30), the bill sponsors and most of the members of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee are true second amendment supporters and meant no harm to the second amendment by offering this bill.  All these men are passionate second amendment supporters that can be counted on to support your rights to keep and bear arms.

One of the things that we know about this bill was that it was taken from last year’s HB826.  Much of it was copied and the reason for both bills (HB826 and HB186) was/is to put common sense into the zero tolerance policy and allow schools more leeway when a student is found to accidentally be in possession of a knife longer than 2″ or other “now defined weapon” and not force the schools to call law enforcement and have the student arrested on a felony charge.  Everyone believes that to be wrong and the elimination of zero tolerance per se is a valid and noble undertaking.

However, when one copies anything there are many things that can go amiss.  One such example is that of HB186 in its original form.  What was originally in this bill was also in HB826 but did not receive any attention because in the exemptions a valid GWL holder was exempted and did not put undue burden on the lawful firearm carrier.  With that provision removed, it became a criminal action to everyone with or without a valid GWL and therefore had to be stopped.  This is where the members of GCO came into the picture and did a fine job of accomplishing that task.

For those who contacted their representatives, now would be a good time to follow up with a thank you note for listening to our objections and not allowing our right to keep and bear arms to be further infringed.

Again, thank each of you for contacting your representatives and helping get this bill turned around.


GCO Opposes HB186

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

We need all members and friends who are pro gun to contact members of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee NOW!

GeorgiaCarry.Org strongly opposes HB186!!!  HB186 (here) – Crimes and offenses; carrying weapons within certain school safety zones and at school functions; change provisions

HB186 is sponsored by Representative Ed Seltzer, (R-35) and cosigned by Representative Micah Gravely, (R-67) and Representative Emory Dunahoo, (R30).

This bill does several things that contribute to gun control legislation and will strip your right to carry on campus.

As you are aware, HB826 last year decriminalized campus carry and was signed into law one day prior to HB60.  The Governor and General Assembly believe that signing the bills in that order means that HB60 overrode the school carry provision allowed in HB826.  That would be true if the bills were in conflict and the bills were irreconcilable.  GCO not only believes these bills were not in conflict, but have been told so by judges that they are not in conflict.

We filed lawsuits in several counties that were dismissed because school boards have sovereign immunity and cannot be sued. The only judge to comment on the real issue of our case (Fulton County) agreed with us on the merits but dismissed the case on the sovereign immunity issue.  Ruling is here – page 11 of 14, Balancing the Equities.  We have been told that our lawsuit should be aimed at the General Assembly Code Revision Committee for not properly allowing the campus carry portion to be put in the Official Code of GA Annotated.  We have filed suit against the Governor and the Code Revision Committee for that very reason.

HB186 would change the very portion of the statute that would make our lawsuit moot which would mean that we would have no legal ground to stand on as the action of the General Assembly would change the statute to prohibit what they passed last year.

And, HB186 would also criminalizes carrying in a private passenger motor vehicle carrying school children to or from school activities by a school employee.  That not only means a teacher driving a student to an extra curricular (mock trial competition, band event, forensics or even athletics — though those usually involve buses), it means any school employee driving his or her child/children to school.

This bill is currently in the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and we expect a hearing to happen very soon.  If your representative is a member of this committee, please contact him or her and politely but firmly let him or her know you are against this bill.  If your representative is not on this committee, please contact them in the same manner as well.

The committee members and office phone numbers.

Alan Powell                Chairman           (404) 463-3793
Darlene K. Taylor       Vice Chairman    (404) 656-0178
Alex Atwood               Secretary            (404) 656-0152
Heath Clark                Member              (404) 656-0109
Kevin Cooke              Member              (404) 656-0109
Gloria Fraizer             Member              (404) 656-0265
Mike Glanton              Member             (404) 657-1803
Micah Gravely            Member              (404) 656-0325
Gerald E. Greene       Member             (404) 656-0202
Dustin Hightower        Member             (404) 657-1803
Bill Hitchens               Member              (404) 656-0178
Scott Holcomb            Member             (404) 656-6372
Mack Jackson            Member              (404) 656-0314
Rick Jasperse             Member             (404) 656-0188
Eddie Lumsden          Member             (404) 656-0325
Jesse Patrea              Member             (404) 656-0109
Keisha Waites            Member             (404) 656- 0220
Committee Members email addresses
Alan Powell                Chairman    
Darlene K. Taylor       Vice Chairman
Alex Atwood               Secretary    
Heath Clark                Member      
Kevin Cooke              Member      
Gloria Fraizer             Member      
Mike Glanton              Member      
Micah Gravely            Member      
Gerald E. Greene       Member      
Dustin Hightower        Member      
Bill Hitchens               Member       
Scott Holcomb            Member      
Mack Jackson            Member      
Rick Jasperse             Member      
Eddie Lumsden          Member      
Jesse Patrea              Member      
Keisha Waites            Member      

Please contact the members listed above immediately!


GCO Sues Roswell Over Police Station Searches

Friday, February 13th, 2015

GCO has filed a lawsuit against the City of Roswell for conducting metal detector searches of everyone who enters the police department and prohibiting people from carrying weapons not prohibited by state law (i.e., pocket knives and certain firearms). The complaint, which seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, may be found here.


Oral Argument Set in Corps Appeal

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ordered oral argument for GCO’s appeal of the denial of a preliminary injunction in its case against the Corps of Engineers for March 19, 2015. The argument will be in Courtroom 339, 56 Forsyth Street in Atlanta. Arguments begin at 9 a.m. and are open to the public. GCO’s case is second on the docket.


Kenn Blanchard is Featured Speaker GCO’s for 7th Annual Convention

Friday, January 9th, 2015

We are pleased to announce our featured speaker for GeorgiaCarry.Org’s 7th Annual Convention is Kenn Blanchard, Author of Black Man With a Gun and the blog with the same name.

Kenn Blanchard

For those not familiar with Kenn, here is his bio.

Reverend Kenn Blanchard is internationally known as the Black Man With A Gun.  He is an author, and gun rights activist with a background in counter-terrorism, and police instruction.  He is a former US Marine trained by Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  He speaks Brazilian, Portuguese and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

He served as one of the first African American members of the Director of CIA protective staff and firearms instructors.

He has served as a columnist for New Voices Newspaper of Durham, North Carolina; as a Director and Chaplain of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America.  He has lobbied and testified before the United States Congress, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland for an individual’s right to self-defense.  He is the recipient of the NRA’s Carter-Harlon award for Civil Rights.  He is currently on the training committee for the NRA.

With two decades of gun rights activism, Blanchard has been involved in almost every pro-rights event that involved a person of color. He has done commercials for TV against racist gun laws and been featured in four documentaries.  He has been speaking professionally since 1992.  He has provided voice-overs for pro-gun commercials in Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore.

In 2014,  he has spoken with Donald Trump in Albany, NY, as a media expert in Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ for

He produces a weekly pro-gun variety show online called the Black Man With A Gun Show, now in its sixth year.

He is a trusted influencer in the gun community and communicates regularly with many of the top people he has known since 1991.  He is sought after speaker and sage in the gun community.  He has several blogs and is the publisher of  Here are 3 of his articles: How the CIA Agent Became a PastorClose Up and Personal with the Daniel Defense DDM4V9  – Thinking About Concealed Carry

GeorgiaCarry.Org will once again be furnishing lunch for our Lifetime Members with Kenn.  Kenn is looking forward to having lunch and a lively discussion with the Life Members on Saturday.  Kenn will also be signing and selling his books, “Black Man With a Gun” at the vendor show on Saturday.  We are very honored to have a man with such an impressive resume.

Check back soon, more itinerary details will be available shortly.


Florida Carry Files Amicus In Support of GCO Against Corps

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Florida Carry has filed an amicus curiae brief in support of GCO’s appeal to the 11th Circuit against the Corps of Engineers. The brief may be found here.


Court Rejects Criminal Charges For Carrying At Gun Show

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

The State Court of Clayton County has issued a directed verdict of acquittal in a case where a GWL holder was charged with carrying a gun to a gun show. The state charged Jeff Leising with carrying in an unauthorized location, criminal trespass, and reckless conduct based on allegations that Leising, a GWL holder, carried a loaded gun while at a Gun Runners show at the state Farmers Market in Forest Park. After the state rested in the jury trial on the case, Lesing moved for a directed verdict on all counts. After discussion with counsel, the judge agreed that under the evidence introduced, Leising could not be convicted. Included in the court’s ruling were a couple noteworthy findings, including 1) a GWL holder can carry in a government building, even if there is security screening, unless he is notified he fails to clear security and fails to leave.; and 2) private entities leasing public property have no power to ban GWL holders from carrying firearms on the property. A transcript of the directed verdict portion of the trial may be found here.