Update on Forsyth County Ordinance Banning Firearms in Parks

This is an update to this post:  http://georgiacarry.org/cms/?p=18 

From the October 10, 2006, Forsyth County Commission Called Meeting/Work Session:

Amendment to Parks & Recreation Ordinance (Ordinance #102)

Ken Jarrard, County Attorney, came before the Board to discuss the need for an amendment to the Parks & Recreation Ordinance (Ordinance #102). In 2005, the Board passed a Parks & Recreation Ordinance. One of the elements that the Parks & Recreation Ordinance provided was that no firearms shall be brought into any Forsyth County owned or controlled park. The reason for that language in the Ordinance was because at that time House Bill 544 was going through the State legislature. The House Bill was not passed. Since it wasn’t passed, we must now default to the existing law. The existing law says County governments cannot speak and is totally preempted on the issue of where firearms can be transported. The Parks & Recreation Ordinance needs to be modified because it contains a provision that is not supportable by state law. A proposed amendment was presented to the Board for their consideration. The offending language will be stricken and replaced with a requirement that at every Forsyth County park there will be a sign that contains the State law. There was a motion by Commissioner Richard and a second by Commissioner Ledbetter to authorize the County Attorney to move forward with the Public Hearing process. Motion carried with four members in favor (Conway, Tam, Ledbetter and Richard) and one member absent (Laughinghouse).

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http://www.forsythco.com/meetagend_details.asp?InfoID =812

 If you live in Forsyth County, urge the commissioners to repeal the ordinance, as it is pre-empted by state law.


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