Forsyth County First Reading Follow Up

You can make a difference close to home! 

GCO member Kelly Kennett, a Forsyth County resident, spoke to the Forsyth County Commission last night regarding its ordinance banning weapons in county parks.  Mr. Kennett was the only member of the public to speak to the Commission either for or against repealing the ordinance.  The questions and comments from the Commission indicated that they do not want people carrying weapons at ballgames, which is already covered by state law, but are otherwise not bothered by the prospect of peacable citizens carrying arms.

The amendment proposed at the first reading last night (instigated by the tireless efforts of Mr. Kennett) is to strike the ordinance code section and place signs in the parks stating that weapons cannot be carried to public gatherings, citing O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.

Mr. Kennett very carefully explained to the Commissioners how ‘public gatherings’ was defined in the law and how the sign phrasing might still be misleading.

When the wording of the proposed ordinance appears in the minutes, GCO will update this post and consider whether follow up communications with the Forsyth County Commission would be beneficial.  The next county commission meeting is November 16.


2 Responses to “Forsyth County First Reading Follow Up”

  1. ctdonath Says:

    Can’t do Thursdays, else I would have been there.
    Let me know what I can do to assist.
    Did notice the county park in Windermere has “no weapons” listed among the rules.

  2. StarJack Says:

    Good for Mr. Kelly Kennett!