Kennesaw Reinstates Law Allowing Guns in Parks

So reads the title of this article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Although the city repealed its gun ban, the mayor is promising to ask the General Assembly to expressly permit a confusing patchwork quilt of local ordinances.

Church said the Kennesaw City Council felt it had no choice but to rescind its ban on firearms in parks, but will now pressure its representatives in the General Assembly to change the law.

“We passed an ordinance banning firearms, and the state in its infinite wisdom passed a law saying people can have guns in parks and endanger our kids,” Church said. “We are going to challenge that. We think we ought to have the right to protect our kids and our citizenry.”

GCO will be vigilant in watching for any such effort at permitting more gun bans in the 2008 session, of course.

When one remembers the Whitney and Jordan Land murder case, it is readily apparent to any objective observer that barring peaceable citizens from possessing arms in local parks is not the right solution to protect our families.  Perhaps ignorant of how local park gun bans have already effected real families, Mayor Church claims GCO is on the wrong side of this vital issue.

Church said is a group “that doesn’t have anything better to do than to endanger our kids” in Kennesaw and other cities.

Mayor Church offers no solution for keeping criminals out of Kennesaw parks.  GCO is sure he is well aware that only the law abiding will be affected by a local ordinance banning guns.  It is already a crime to carry a firearm anywhere outside of one’s home, car, or place of business without a firearms license, and this law includes local parks.  But Mayor Church makes the disingenuous claim that Kennesaw has made it legal again for “practically anyone” to carry guns in city parks.

Mayor Church ought to know better.

UPDATE:  Mayor Church’s comment about GCO not having anything better to do than endanger kids has subsequently been edited out of the article.


2 Responses to “Kennesaw Reinstates Law Allowing Guns in Parks”

  1. pro2am Says:

    I’m sure that, once thought through to its logical conclusion, the Mayor and City Council of Kennesaw will realize that the ban really only applied to law abiding citizens to begin with. The same law abiding citizen that want to protect his or her children if the need arises when a police officer is not nearby.

    Thank you for your diligence GeorgiaCarry.

  2. ggrooms Says:

    Mr. Church’s quote is so ridiculous that I have just joined GeorgiaCarry.Org in response to his statement.

    When good people are disarmed, bad people are compelled to be more offensive, opportunistic and evil.