Congratulations to GCO Member Ben Bryant

GCO member Ben Bryant is a former Army Ranger and DeKalb County businessman who published an editorial today in the AJC that cogently states why Georgians should not be denied the right to keep and bear arms while visiting local parks.  Thanks, Ben!


5 Responses to “Congratulations to GCO Member Ben Bryant”

  1. pro2am Says:

    Ben, I was thankful to read your response in the AJC today. I picked up the paper at the tire store this morning and was a bit surprised to see the editorial. Having at least a little perspective to that “piece” was refreshing. Thanks.

  2. MC Says:

    Thank you Ben for publicly expressing your thoughts on law-abiding GFL holders and where they may go without disarming.
    I whole-heartily agree with you. Some folks are just terrified of guns, because all they see is the result of the criminal element using guns broadcast on the TV news every night. We need to educate everyone on the difference between a person that has successfully achieved a GFL and someone who cannot.
    Again thank you for your effort.

  3. jeffhuong Says:

    Mr. Byrant, thank you for sending in such a well-written editorial. As we all know, it’s very important for use to respond as soon as possible with the best possible message. Thank you for taking the time to respond in a positive manner without being unfairly condescending!

  4. Thorsen Says:

    Ben, thanks for representing us with your rebuttal to the AJC editorial opinion. I know it is difficult to succinctly respond with logic to what many approach as an emotional issue, but I think you did a great job. Thanks again.

  5. Ed Stone Says:

    “Law-abiding citizens who choose to protect themselves and their families from bodily harm with a concealed weapon while enjoying the amenities of our parks should be allowed to do so without fear of any kind of legal or civil sanction being brought against them for exercising a constitutionally guaranteed civil right.”

    Wow! What a great quote, Mr. Bryant. Thanks for speaking for us!