Cherokee County Files Answer, Moves to Dismiss Case; GCO Responds

The Probate Judge of Cherokee County has answered GCO’s complaint and filed a motion to dismiss GCO’s federal lawsuit, in which GCO seeks an injunction requiring the judge to comply with the Privacy Act regarding SSNs and GFL applications.  GCO has responded to the motion, explaining why the case should go forward.  The documents may be viewed here:


6 Responses to “Cherokee County Files Answer, Moves to Dismiss Case; GCO Responds”

  1. Gunstar1 Says:

    Now this is a perfect example of some twisted thinking by a Probate Judge.

    “Plaintiffs’ Complaint alleges that Defendant’s clerk refused to accept the GFL application without the social security number and employment information supplied. The Complaint is silent as to whether Plaintiff Breed attempted to submit the application without providing such information.”


    So they really would have processed it without the SSN and employment info if the applicant would have just realized that the clerk was lying, so it is the applicant’s fault.

  2. rbstern Says:

    The hubris of the the probate judge is astonishing.

    Thanks, Mr. Monroe! It’s obvious you bring a world of experience to these matters, clearly critical to GCO’s ability to win these cases. Thank you!

  3. murry Says:

    It is plainly obvious the judge is an activist and against firearms. Otherwise he would have ruled in favore of GeorgiaCarry. This would have been the conclusion of any person who saw the evidence and has a brain.

  4. Vir Quisque Vir Says:

    Who died and made these errant probate judges king (or queen)? We are asking them no more than to follow the laws they were sworn to uphold. The fact is a few of the probate judges are dragging their feet, denying 2nd amendment rights. I guess obstinate probate judges need a little nudging to facilitate them doing the right thing. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. Ed Stone Says:

    Murry, No ruling yet! The federal judge may very well rule for GCO. All that has happened is that a motion to dismiss has been filed for lack of standing, and GCO has responded to the motion. When there is a ruling on the motion, you will see it here.

  6. Digitalyons Says:

    As a resident of Cherokee county and also a carrier of a permit with this Judges signature on it I will certainly keep my eye on this matter.